Upgrade Roulette

With complicated software set-ups there is always an element of a gamble with an upgrade. With WordPress I’m always careful to leave a new version for a while to iron out problems, and also leave a goodly amount of time in case their are problems. So with a clear afternoon, and two days off work to sort it out if it all goes horribly wrong, today I decided to upgrade WordPress to 2.1.3. That upgrade went fine, however since K2, my theme didn’t support the new WordPress, I had to upgrade that. Unfortunately, this is where it all went pear shaped. For some reason, all the nice AJAX comment box, archive and livesearch functionality just totally failed to work on Firefox – bizarrely it seems to work fine on Safari. I’ve tried various techniques from the support forums to sort it out, but to no avail, and since the old version won’t work on the new WordPress, until the K2 developers release a new version I’m stuffed. I’ve messed about with the settings, so aside from the lack of AJAX features, everything else should work. Give me a shout if it doesn’t…

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  1. I couldn’t access your site at all in the middle of yesterday afternoon – but it’s all working well today – mind you I access it with Safari

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