A Tour of the Creationist Museum

Back at the end of last year, the BBC ran an article about the Creation Museum, a 60,000 square foot multi-million dollar museum that promotes an understanding of the origins of life, the universe and mankind based on a literal reading of the book of Genesis.

The museum has just recently opened, and so being based fairly close by Ars Technica have taken a field trip to see what it is all about. There is also a Flickr Set of their pictures.

Included are answers to the questions as to why poisonous frogs aren’t poisonous in captivity and why if Adam and Eve were the first two humans it wasn’t considered incest for their children to marry. There are also explanations of why humans and dinosaurs were able to coexist (the dinosaurs were vegetarian apparently) and how all the animals were able to get along together on Noah’s Ark.

Much like The Holy Land Experience, tours like this are probably as close as I’ll get to visiting the real thing, as I suspect my dear wife would probably not allow me anywhere near for fear of what might happen if I did…

One thought on “A Tour of the Creationist Museum”

  1. I must say that while I respect religion and believe that everyone can believe what they want, this museum is bordering on insanity. The Ars review was a good read and it makes me wonder what events transpired in the people’s lives that built this that led them to be ignorant to facts and reason.

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