Getting Your Feet Wet

Barkham Road

It’s all rather soggy around here…

The reason is that today we’ve had the equivalent of two months rainfall in about twenty-four hours – indeed most of it seems to have come in about two hours this morning. As a result all the drains are overflowing, and all the rivers have burst their banks.

At lunchtime we had news that the road had collapsed close to the entrance to the industrial estate on which my employer is based, as a result they took the decision to close the office, and sent us all home. The bottom of the road had a fountain of dirty water in the middle, and you could see the tarmac broken ahead, but luckily they were directing traffic around. However that wasn’t the worst of it.

The picture here is of the bridge over a little tributary of the River Loddon that I have to cross on my way home. As you can see, pretty well impassible, and apparently now the little bridge has collapsed under the weight of water (hopefully they’ll rebuild it wide enough for two cars to pass on it) rendering it impassible for a good deal of time to come.

After trying several other roads I eventually got closer to home by getting as far as Finchampstead, but again ran into problems with a couple of places close to the Reading training ground where the drains had blocked and water was knee deep. Eventually after several hours trying to find alternatives I parked up near the Hogwood Lane industrial estate and walked the last half mile or so.

At one point I bumped into a neighbour of ours, who had also spent about five hours driving around. He has just made it home, having found someone who opened the gate between the Hogwood Lane and Hogwood Farm industrial estates. Unfortunately that was just a one off – the gate was closed and locked immediately afterwards. Not sure how much luck Beth is going to have getting back from Wargrave…

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