Sucking In Your Data

The Facebook bandwagon is well and truly rolling – Scoble is one of many big names hyping up the platform, and even offering incentives to sign up. However he like others is highlighting how much of your data the Facebook platform can potentially suck in – especially important bearing in mind the clauses in their policies I highlighted a couple of weeks ago… Quite what is the status of your blog postings or your pictures from Flickr once Facebook sucks them in?

To get some idea of the amount of stuff you can bring in, check out this video by Matt Dickman:

Interesting comments to note is that Facebook makes relatively little from click through advertising on the site, as their policies imply, the real value to them is having all of this kind of information together, the profiling that they can do when you join the dots by pulling in your blog, your pictures, your twitter feed and so on…

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