Standing Up to the British Weather

Summer Poolside Barbecue

In recent years, we’ve not had much opportunity to demonstrate our traditional British stoicism in the face of the British weather – not so this year. After major flooding yesterday, and with more rain predicted, today was planned to be the annual swimming party and barbecue for the junior choir. There was some speculation that maybe we’d cancel – as you can see from the picture we didn’t!

Here you can see the junior choir happily swimming whilst it pours with rain – and with the parents huddled under umbrellas!

If you look at some of the other pictures in the set you can see that despite the weather we had the barbecue too – in the garage…

Having said that it was still rather galling when after an afternoon of downpours, just as everybody was leaving the sun finally came out – well for a few minutes anyway.

2 thoughts on “Standing Up to the British Weather”

  1. Glad to hear you guys made the best of what sounded to be a rather damp weekend in southern England. The flooding in your area made front page news where I live, so it must be pretty soggy over there. Always great to see people keeping spirits up though. 🙂 Loved the pictures, especially the view from the backyard across the fields. It looks like the perfect spot to live & relax.

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