More Flood Pictures

I just came across this picture of the A327 in Finchampstead taken on the day of the floods earlier this month, originally uploaded by the_glanville_four which shows why I couldn’t get home via Park Lane either.

The rest of the set includes some shots down Mill Lane towards the New Mill Restaurant and some views of various houses around the area of the junction. Not surprisingly a number of the houses were badly affected, and puts the minor inconvenience we had on that day into perspective. Although attention has now focused on the more wide ranging effects of the flooding in other places, friends of ours who live on Park Lane have been told that it will be at least six months before their house will be habitable again thanks to the damage caused by the water.

However, amazingly I drove through this same stretch of road not twenty-four hours later to get to the Choir Swimming Party, and the road was absolutely clear, no indication that it had been under water at all.

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