Why Smile makes me Smile

For a number of years I’ve been a happy customer of Smile, the internet division of the Co-operative Bank. As you may know, Smile has some of the highest customer satisfaction levels of any UK bank – you can see a selection of their awards listed here.

To show you why, I’ll give an example. Last week I needed to order some foreign currency for our upcoming trip to Taizé, and also for a later trip to a wedding in Canada. As a result I needed three currencies – Canadian Dollar for Canada, Euro for France, and a few Swiss Francs as we are flying in to Geneva. The Smile website has a fairly simple interface for ordering currency which just asks you for an amount in sterling, and a currency, so I had to do it three times, once for each different currency type.

At this point, ask yourself what your bank would have done? I’m sure that 99% would expect your bank to have processed and charged for three separate transactions, but not Smile. I got a nice little note from one of their staff members who had spotted the three orders going through and had put them all into a single order for me, and only charging once for the handling.

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