Bishop Alan and the Lambeth Conference

I’ve been quite avidly reading the blog by the Bishop of Buckingham, Alan Wilson, since I came across it a few months back. It’s quite an eclectic mix at times with snapshots from his holidays, pictures of his work around Diocese, and religious comment.

One of the best things about it though is it is quite clearly Bishop Alan – and totally unencumbered by any sort of Diocesan Communications filter – very much like meeting him in person or hearing one of his sermons. Perhaps that might get him in to trouble at some point – but still it is refreshing to find a Bishop being clear and direct, a good example being his post today answering the question as to whether he is going to the Lambeth Conference. Probably the clearest example of this is his third point:

But what about the Windsor report and Lambeth 1:10? Well, this kitchen is full of pots and kettles. I don’t believe in gay weddings, but have I worked as hard as Lambeth 1:10 asked, to listen to and understand gay people’s experience? Honestly, I doubt it. Has the Episcopal Church complied with the Windsor/primates process? They seem to have tried, a damn sight harder than brothers who have ordained other provinces’ dissidents as bishops, lying directly in the face of the Windsor/ primates plan. Why should I be a hypocrite and apply a double standard? All this proves is what I knew all along, that I am as big a sinner as my brother, and we all need grace, and we all need to talk. That’s an argument for coming together, not walking apart.

There was a definite sharp intake of breath having read that one – whilst I certainly agree with the comments on the Windsor process, especially the way the Episcopal Church keeps having bits of the Windsor report quoted at them by people totally ignoring what the same report required them to do, it is refreshing to find a Bishop willing to actually make the point as clearly as this!

Dave Walker has also been inspired to do a cartoon based on another part of the posting.

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