The MacGregors

The MacGregors

So after all the organising and planning it’s all done – the MacGregors played a concert for us in the Parish Centre tonight, and tomorrow they head off for their last date in the UK where they will be playing as part of the next Vertigo event.

Age wise we had pretty well the usual St James’ eight-to-eighty – well actually six to beyond eighty as Becky’s youngest daughter came along too. We even had two new people who had seen the poster walking past the Church at the weekend and decided to come along. Food wise we had a great bring-and-share supper with plenty of food for everybody – as usual a slightly eclectic selection but I think everybody was well fed.

Since both the MacGregor girls had managed to pick up one of the current colds that are doing the rounds they played two sets, one after main course, and the other once we had got on to coffee taking a break in between. Experience wise the concert was a bit different from what you would have heard if you’d listened to their album as this was very much an acoustic set with only the two of them, and without the backing of the full band – however at the core all of the arrangements on the CD are still based around the harmonies of the two girls voices which of course you still got in the live performance.

What we also got to hear were a load of new songs that have been written since the album was released, plus something you don’t hear on the album – a flashback to what they first played together Toss the Feathers a traditional Irish folk tune and one of my favourites of the Corrs recordings. What was interesting was that when I said that I’d first heard it on the first Corrs album the girls said that they had heard it on the same album and had transcribed the song by ear from the recording to do their own version. Check out the Corrs version here if you want to compare – I thought it was pretty impressive.

All in all it was a great evening, and everybody seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Hopefully if they’re ever passing this way again we’ll be able to get them along to play for a bigger audience as I know there are quite a few people who wanted to come but were unable to due to clashing commitments. Having said that, those that missed out still get a chance as they donated five copies of their CD to the Church so we can sell those on or maybe raffle them at our next musical event.

I took a few pictures during the concert which as always are in our photo gallery. I also used the video recording on the camera (and remembered the tripod too) so below is all the sequences edited together – Toss the Feathers is on the end.

Incidentally on a technical note, the above is my first attempt at using the rather controversial new version of iMovie – after some teething troubles (I had to reinstall the application from the DVD before it would start properly) it was relatively straightforward. The interface is totally redesigned but was pretty good once I’d got used to it – the clip skimming being particularly cool. The other cool thing is the pretty straightforward YouTube export – the above clip was sent straight from the application in much the same way as I can now send pictures from iPhoto to Flickr.

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