Even the Stars do Cheesy Fan Pictures

Under Attack

A few years back, Hyde Park hosted a big Star Trek exhibition, which as the fans we are we went up to see. Alongside various other recreations, the exhibition finished off with a recreation of the bridge set from Star Trek: The Next Generation complete with a little action sequence as the ship comes under attack.

Needless to say everybody goes round taking shots of themselves on all the sets, see our selection here, and everybody seems to have a shot of themselves on the bridge – here is Howard, Beth and mine, all in the same spot.

Reading Wil Wheaton’s blog this morning, I came upon this post which is about his visit to the gala opening of Star Trek The Tour in Long Beach, which seems pretty similar to the exhibition we saw in London – but he has much the same sort of shots as we took on our tour, so you get him leaping through the Guardian of Forever, plus a shot of him on the bridge – although being a star of the programme, he got a seat

It’s really quite amusing that even if you’ve been involved in the programme, it still seems to be a thrill to walk onto the bridge at that exhibition, and get all the same cheesy shots the rest of us do!

Going Boldly originally uploaded by WilWheaton.

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