You Think It’s Cold?

So with the weather forecasters predicting an ‘arctic blast’ coming our way in time for the weekend, and ‘sub-zero temperatures’, I thought I’d just post this picture of the weather that our cousins across the pond in Alberta are experiencing.

Note, that the title of this picture, taken in Edmonton yesterday is “It’s Warmer Today” – the temperature on the display is -26. Calgary has been getting a similar selection of temperatures too.

It’s Warmer Today! originally uploaded by one42chrisp

One thought on “You Think It’s Cold?”

  1. Sounds a bit like my neck of the woods. Although, we had some rain on the weekend which got rid of most of the snow. Last night the temperature dropped and froze everything, bursting pipes everywhere. Now we’re looking at lows of -16. Not quite -26, but still cold enough to make me want to stay in bed. 🙂

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