The Bump

Scan 1.1

So the twelve weeks is up, so we can now officially announce that we are having a baby. There are of course one or two people who already know, notably anybody who catered for us when we were in Canada, there are also one or two people who guessed, mostly from changes in what Beth was doing or eating, but one person who guessed on the basis of something I said about our spare bedroom!

Anyway, we went for the first scan at the hospital today, and I’ve posted the two pictures we got here. They did some additional tests, the results of which are back in a week or so, but the basics are all there – a head, two arms and two legs – it’s also moving around, quite a lot in fact. Indeed it seems to be exhibiting a general reluctance to have it’s picture taken as the sonograph operator tried to take the required measurements – probably inherited.

Scan 1.2

The estimated due date based on the scan today is November 13th, but we’ve got a couple more appointments at the hospital before then, including another scan in nine weeks, so I’m quite sure the actual arrival date will be some other time.

If you look at the pictures, you should be able to make out the head and possibly an arm – it’s a lot easier to spot things on the moving image however, and at various points you could see both arms, legs, and the umbilical cord.

Anyway, expect more pictures next scan!

6 thoughts on “The Bump”

  1. Congrats! I remember when my wife and I had our first daughter, those were some crazy, exciting and nerve-racking times. Enjoy them while they last! Are you going to find out the gender before it’s born, or wait for the surprise?

  2. Jon: My colleague here who has just had a baby at the same hospital as we’re going to said that they told them the sex on the third scan. In terms of finding out Beth was all for wanting a surprise, whereas I want to know – guess we’ll see when the time comes.

    David: I had heard talk you’d had a baby via Dave Oliver – looks like it is almost exactly a year before ours is due.

  3. Wow, how exciting! Congratulations to you both. Best of luck with everything.
    We are expecting our second on 4 November so just a week or so ahead of you!!

  4. That person … ‘who guessed on the basis of something I said about our spare bedroom!’ … must have been psychic … AND was really, really good at keeping the secret for so many weeks …

    Congrats again guys …

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