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It’s a Boy! (Maybe)

Scan 2.1Today I had the day off as it was time for the second ultra-sound scan for Baby 2.0 down at Frimley Park Hospital. Whilst we usually try to get appointments at either the beginning or the end of the day, this time the only slots available were late morning, and knowing the usual timekeeping, I figured that we wouldn’t be done by lunchtime.

My guess proved to be well founded. Unfortunately like pretty well every hospital they schedule appointment slots for the time they would take if everything goes according to plan, unfortunately this morning they had had some sort of crisis, and by the time we got there were running almost an hour late. Bearing in mind that we also tend to come early because of the twenty minute adventure of finding a space in the car park made doubly annoying this time thanks to the piles of snow in the car park that fairly obviously hadn’t been taken account of when the barriers counted vehicles in and out.

Anyway, when we got in, thankfully this time the ultra-sound operator didn’t have to chase the baby around to get the required measurements, indeed it was exactly the opposite in that the baby was quite comfortably in one position and really didn’t seem to want to move. However the operator got a good look and was actually able to stop and show us the heart beating away, and we saw bits of rib cage, and arm and leg bones. After trying various ways of having Beth positioned, he resorted to poking in order to get the baby to move, and finally got the last measurements. The still baby also gave him a good clear view (if you know what I mean) to identify that our midwife at Finchampstead still has the touch, as she said from listening to the heartbeat weeks ago that it was a boy, and the operator here also said that it looked like a boy – of course they are never totally sure, so we’re going with probably a boy, and keeping a girls name or two in reserve just in case!

As Beth hasn’t developed Gestational Diabetes this time around, this will probably be the last scan – although there is another diabetes test in a few weeks to confirm. Whilst it’s nice to get all the extra scans, as Beth says, she gets mighty bored sitting in the waiting room at the hospital. ETA for the new baby is still some time in early June.

Now does anyone want any girls clothes…

Baby 2.0

First thing this morning, pretty well fresh off the plane from Canada, Beth had an appointment at the hospital. This is a picture of the reason – Beth is pregnant, with the baby due sometime in late May or early June next year.

Anyway, all three of us took a trip down to Frimley Park Hospital, which is where Beth has opted to go once again, and we sat and waited. Lucy is not surprisingly at her age, not really clued up as to what was going on. She had some fun playing with the toys in the waiting area, however moments before being called in for the scan she decided she was hungry and was signing both “milk” and “more”. Whilst the dimmed lights and images on the screen distracted her for a bit, her thoughts turned pretty quickly back to food.

Her new brother or sister seems to have already developed the same skill at dodging the scan operator as Lucy in that the operator had to chase around a bit to get the measurements, and the pictures she managed to get are not the clearest. In the pictures the baby is positioned with the head to the left, and on the third image you can just about see an arm in front of the face. As with Lucy, the subsequent scans should be clearer, again as with Lucy we’re expecting quite a few scans as having been diagnosed with gestational diabetes last time it is thought quite likely Beth will develop the condition again.

Following on from the scan, Beth also had a blood test, and then from there is was time to make the next scan appointment for twenty weeks (we have a consultant visit for the diabetes test later this month).

Waiting Around

One of the worst parts of any hospital visit is the interminable waiting, and we had a pretty good example of it today when we went down to Frimley Park for Beth’s next ante-natal appointment.

They did seem pretty flustered when we arrived for our 2:45pm appointment, certainly like they had staff off. Unfortunately we had a list of people we needed to see including diabetic nurses, midwives, consultants, plus another scan, all of which had to occur in the right order, as a result we spent most of the afternoon sitting in the waiting area. Even then we weren’t done, the postscript was that once we’d finished at the clinic, we had a twenty minute wait at the pharmacy before we finally left the building at about 5:30pm.

Anyway, in terms of a news update, everything seems to be going okay. Beth has one more appointment next week, before they try to induce the baby in the week after. From what we can gather whilst they might succeed at the first attempt, they might need to try multiple times to induce the baby, so it might well be that we’ll have several days of sitting around in a different part of the hospital. Whichever way, we’re on the home stretch now with only a couple more weeks before the birth.

The picture here is the scan picture we got today. Since the baby is now pretty big, the operator can’t now get a clear picture of the whole baby, so this one is probably a lot less clear than some of the others, but the baby is lying across the picture with the head on the right. You can see a nose, and then the hand is held up in front of the face. Suffice to say in a couple of weeks we hope we’ll have some much better pictures to look at.

Baby Update

We’ve just got back from the hospital after the mid-term scan. This scan was a bit longer than the first, with the ultrasound operator having to take a number of measurements to make sure everything is okay, and made somewhat more difficult by the baby starting off in a bit of an awkward position, and being less than keen about having a picture taken, hiding behind a hand at one point.

In order to try and encourage the baby to turn around she adjusted the angle of the bed such that Beth felt at one point she was going to slide head-first off, as we tried to encourage the baby to move.

Thankfully that did encourage the baby to shift position, so all the required measurements were able to be taken – they can send you away and ask for you to come back another day if the baby refuses to co-operate!

Anyway, all the tests came out clear, so as far as we can tell the baby is fit and healthy. The other thing the the ultrasound operator was able to do was to take a look and see what sex the baby is – although obviously they don’t guarantee anything, the operator said that from the scan it looked like a girl.

The Bump

Scan 1.1

So the twelve weeks is up, so we can now officially announce that we are having a baby. There are of course one or two people who already know, notably anybody who catered for us when we were in Canada, there are also one or two people who guessed, mostly from changes in what Beth was doing or eating, but one person who guessed on the basis of something I said about our spare bedroom!

Anyway, we went for the first scan at the hospital today, and I’ve posted the two pictures we got here. They did some additional tests, the results of which are back in a week or so, but the basics are all there – a head, two arms and two legs – it’s also moving around, quite a lot in fact. Indeed it seems to be exhibiting a general reluctance to have it’s picture taken as the sonograph operator tried to take the required measurements – probably inherited.

Scan 1.2

The estimated due date based on the scan today is November 13th, but we’ve got a couple more appointments at the hospital before then, including another scan in nine weeks, so I’m quite sure the actual arrival date will be some other time.

If you look at the pictures, you should be able to make out the head and possibly an arm – it’s a lot easier to spot things on the moving image however, and at various points you could see both arms, legs, and the umbilical cord.

Anyway, expect more pictures next scan!