Baby Update

We’ve just got back from the hospital after the mid-term scan. This scan was a bit longer than the first, with the ultrasound operator having to take a number of measurements to make sure everything is okay, and made somewhat more difficult by the baby starting off in a bit of an awkward position, and being less than keen about having a picture taken, hiding behind a hand at one point.

In order to try and encourage the baby to turn around she adjusted the angle of the bed such that Beth felt at one point she was going to slide head-first off, as we tried to encourage the baby to move.

Thankfully that did encourage the baby to shift position, so all the required measurements were able to be taken – they can send you away and ask for you to come back another day if the baby refuses to co-operate!

Anyway, all the tests came out clear, so as far as we can tell the baby is fit and healthy. The other thing the the ultrasound operator was able to do was to take a look and see what sex the baby is – although obviously they don’t guarantee anything, the operator said that from the scan it looked like a girl.

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