Just thought I’d share a picture of a couple of little “den warmingâ€? presents to celebrate having a working setup in our new den, and give a quick update as to why it’s been a bit quiet around here recently. With regards to the den, it’s a great little space to work in – cosy without feeling too crammed. We’ve got the basic stuff we need all set up and running, although we haven’t quite finished the job of clearing out the front bedroom, largely because the routine trip to the hospital threw us a bit of a distraction.

On Tuesday we had the glucose test for gestational diabetes. We’d actually been given the test largely because we were on the observation list anyway, and the consultant suggested Beth take the test – the implication was that had we not been on the observation list anyway we wouldn’t have had this test. To cut a long story (and a lot of waiting around at the hospital) short the test didn’t come up totally clear. The result is a glucose level where between 7.7 and 11 puts you onto an extra observation list, and higher than 11 means more significant treatment is needed. Beth’s result came out at 8 – borderline, so a more stringent watch on what Beth is eating, and regular blood sugar checks. As one of the results of gestational diabetes is an increase in birth weight of the baby it also means that we get much more regular scans of the baby – once every four weeks, whereas by this point most other potential parents wouldn’t get another scan.

Anyway, I’ve digressed slightly – back to the “den warmingâ€? presents – the Dalek wall clock is a cheesy but pretty self-explanatory addition, although it does light up when you turn off the lights. The phone however is one of the Retro Telephones, which is precisely what it looks like a refurbished GPO issued original phone complete with bell ringer, and pulse dialling. It was a slight bit of a gamble as since we have a network cable into the den rather than a phone extension we’re using a little Vonage box to get a phone connection. The amazing thing is that the cutting edge VOIP box, in this case a D-Link VTA, is quite happily taking the old style pulse dialling without any problem. From a quick trawl around the internet it seems that it’s not consistent across all the VOIP adapters, and is dependant on the chip set being used, in this case the Texas Instruments TNETV1015. The phones come in hotline red like this one, and also in black, a snazzy/hideous (delete as applicable) target colour scheme, or for the pink lovers around, a tasteful two tone pink. Being pulse dialling you are going to have problems doing anything that involves pressing numbers on the keypad, but as a little bit of history that is still usable it is a great addition to the desk.

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