For the Winter Tyre Naysayers

20120205-105813 AM.jpgFor the winter tyre naysayers that say they don’t make a difference, this is a shot of the car park just before church this morning. For those who don’t know St James’ it sits on top of a hill, at probably the highest point in the village. The line up of cars are all 4×4’s plus ours with winter tyres. Whereas in previous years our car wouldn’t be able to get the traction to get up to the top with the winter tyres it managed it with only a slight flicker from the traction control when it reached the top. Only one other two wheel drive made it, but that got stuck near the top and needed a push. The clearance teams had managed to clear the hill by the end of the service so I suspect the 11 o’clockers will have an easier run, especially as the snow is thawing a bit now.

In terms of how they drive on a clear road there is not much difference, however on snow and ice they feel a lot firmer, actually feeling a bit of resistance – I had to really push it to get the ABS to activate even on an uncleared road. You still need to take care, but the drive feels way more secure than the usual low profile summer tyres.

3 thoughts on “For the Winter Tyre Naysayers”

  1. I love the idea of Winter tyres just not sure about the ROI and frankly my car isn’t practical in cold weather hence why my new car (coming in April) is a Honda CRV.

    Why such a big car? Well almost everyday for the last 2 years I’ve car-shared with 3 other guys back and forth from Langstone. It’s not comfortable or practical in my small car.

  2. Return on investment wise, the main thing to remember is that whilst the winter tyres are on, you’re not wearing down the summer tyres, so although there is a big outlay to get the four new tyres, your existing tyres will last you longer time wise. The other option if you’re not sold on full winter tyres and the whole swapping process is to get some decent all season tyres instead which whilst they won’t be as good as winters will be better than the usual summer tyres which in the case of some tyre patterns have grip that is pretty well non-existent in snow.

    You’re unlikely to find anywhere that will sell you winter tyres this winter, at least not at a reasonable price, best tip is to go buy them in June when they’ll be dirt cheap! Better still suggest it as a health and safety promotion for the next health and safety week at work, get the company to arrange a corporate discount to encourage safer winter driving.

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