Jubilee pageant composers condemn BBC coverage

“They obliterated it with some fatuous piece of commentary about something else,” [Orlando] Gough said. “I am incensed. It was extraordinary – so much work went into this, we spent hours and hours clearing the rights and negotiating fees and it was reduced to this. It is very, very frustrating, especially when the rest of the coverage was absolutely inane.”

via Jubilee pageant composers condemn BBC coverage | UK news | The Guardian.

The chorus of criticism of the lamentable coverage of the Jubilee River Pageant from the BBC on Sunday, this time from composers commissioned to produce special pieces of music for the event that were played on the many music barges during the event. If you watched the BBC coverage it was pretty easy to miss, indeed the piece composed by Gough got a grand total of 8 seconds coverage in the four hours of programme.

One thought on “Jubilee pageant composers condemn BBC coverage”

  1. I gave up on the BBC coverage early on when they kept going back to silly events in Battersea Park and elsewhere. Didn’t hear any of the music from them.

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