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There are toasters, and there are toasters…

I made a slight detour via Reading and Debenhams on the way home today. I had to buy a new toaster because last night I cleaned mine too hard, and it broke. (Ooops.) It’s not very often that I have broken things by cleaning them too much, but hey…

Anyway, I decided to see what was on offer. After looking after our current toaster, a Morphy-Richards brushed-steel model (that was also a wedding present – more oops…) for several years, I decided not to go for chrome this time, as it is actually fairly difficult to keep clean, and also seems to add about £20 to the price. But I did look up some popular names – and got quite a shock.

Now, before I unleash my outrage and amazement, I have to say that I think everyone here knows I like toast. I have it every morning, I consider it a main comfort food; in fact, sliced bread was invented, I believe, in order that man (and woman…) could Toast. So, I want you to take a look at this picture:

This looks like a fairly normal, if colourful, two-slice toaster. But when this is attached to it:

The price goes from between £20 and £50 to £109.00! (Oh, sorry – 10% off today, which means it’s only £98.10…) I thought asking for a £35 toaster for a wedding present was cheeky – but £109! And that’s not all. In-store, the same model, in chrome, is £130. I can think of many things to spend £130 on besides a toaster… And most of them involve taking home more than one item! Yikes…

So, I decided to go for the Prestige toaster…

…but not this chrome version, the soft-sided version, which was a respectable £25. I liked its swooshiness, as well as the not-£130 price tag…

Long may it toast!

Toast Haiku

Thank you, O Dr Toast!

You have merged my two passions! Toast and poetry – poetry and toast – how could I have lived without such eloquence at breakfast? (And the occasional slice of cinnamon toast in the early evening?)

This is for you:



Sugar and spices
Meld with the warm buttery
Crunch – ecstatic bite!

(But my offering is so little – check out the Doc’s wurdz…)