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Let the Discussions Begin

So in amongst the usual selection of specials and weird cross-overs Children in Need last night included a preview of the first two minutes of the upcoming Christmas Doctor Who, The Next Doctor.

After David Tennant’s recent announcement there is much speculation over the title of the new episode, more so once you’ve watched the clip…

So is, as the title suggests, David Morrissey really the next Doctor? Is it the Doctor from a parallel universe, or an imposter? Beth is leaning towards the latter, in particular because he name checks things like the TARDIS and the sonic screwdriver, and then prominently says he is a Time Lord, me I’m maybe more towards the parallel universe, especially with the Cybermen around. Needless to say there is a good deal of discussion across the net as to exactly what is going on

“Oh No, You’re… A Fan!â€?

First off, for those of you outside the UK, the special episode has been posted to YouTube – well at least until it gets taken down again!

So I’ve just watched our little November snippet of Doctor Who in the form of Time Crash, this years Children in Need special. Now it has to be said that in the annuls of Children in Need there have been some real stinkers in terms of Doctor Who crossovers – Dimensions in Time anyone? But as with the special two years ago, this one has been produced by the current Doctor Who and fits into the established continuity, in this case it sits in the cut shortly before the end of the last episode.

This time round the mini-episode is written by Steven Moffat, who in the course of the seven minutes provides some laughs – including a couple of jokes about the celery, the glasses, and Belgium – a plot that vaguely makes sense that fits in with it’s point in the series, and even explains how the Titanic can crash into the TARDIS – something that caused much discussion in fan circles earlier in the year. He also manages to come up with an plot explanation as to how Doctor number five looks twenty-five years older, plus chucks in a stack of back continuity for the fans too. From a long time fan point of view it was great, and a good few were probably wiping away a tear at the “you were my Doctorâ€? line at the end.

Hopefully it was entertaining for the non-fans and the new fans too – and of course hopefully raises a goodly amount of money for Children in Need too. If anything it certainly cements Steven Moffat as the best of the new series writers in managing to pull it all off. Incidentally, you can also check out the special behind-the-scenes video as well, where you can see several of the current team drop into total fanboy mode…

“To days to come…”

Looks Like I’ll Have to Watch Children in Need


So after getting Doctor Who fans watching two years ago with the special post-regeneration episode, Children in Need are doing it again this year with another mini-episode called Time Crash. It also confirms the rumours floating around that Peter Davison would be appearing, which the announcement that the Fifth Doctor will be appearing alongside the Tenth – as shown by the official publicity shots released today.

Details of the episode are fairly slim so far, aside from the news that Steven Moffat has written it. He’s not without experience at this sort of thing either, as he also penned the Comic Relief special, The Curse of Fatal Death.

So the interesting question (for the fans at least) are whether this will actually fit in with the official stories. The previous special slotted in quite neatly, following directly on from Parting of the Ways and leading straight into the Christmas Invasion. Since the last episode left the action with what appeared to be a straight lead in to Voyage of the Damned it might be more difficult to slot it in. Having said that, it won’t have to try too hard to fit in compared to the first Children in Need special, Dimensions in Time which probably wouldn’t have made sense even if it hadn’t had about two minutes of the final episode cut…

Anyway, whether it is canonical or not, with Steven Moffat writing it should hopefully be pretty entertaining. Definitely looking forward to it.

Torchwood So Far

Since various people have been asking what I think of the series, and indeed my brother-in-law commenting on the fact that I hadn’t commented!

Interestingly when Charles made his comment, I answered that we were quite enjoying it – not the best series ever, but not bad. That was before the show on Sunday, Countrycide, which was truly dire, and only served to amplify some of the issues I’ve had with the show since the beginning. Countrycide was essentially going for the horror genre, but really missed the mark, coming over as a cheap imitation of numerous B movies. It started off with the classic blonde alone in a car getting got, and went down-hill from there.

In terms of the other episodes, we’ve quite enjoyed Ghost Machine and Small Worlds, with Cyberwoman being a bit disappointing.

The biggest issue I have with the series is that for a top secret organisation, it seems decidedly non-secret. For example the team quite often walk into places by saying that they’re Torchwood. They get past the Police in a similar way, and yet in the Christmas Invasion this organisation was apparently so secret that the Prime Minister wasn’t supposed to know about it, and yet everybody in Cardiff seems to know about them. Having said that, if you were driving about in a vehicle that looks like theirs, complete with ‘Torchwood’ stencilled on the side, it’s probably not a surprise that they’re well known. However in terms of the concept, it’s like James Bond driving around with ‘007 Licence to Kill’ written on the side. Considering their hidden base, you would have expected that their vehicle would be a lot less obvious – plus the amount of time they spend rushing around waving guns would again attract decidedly more attention than a secret organisation would want.

Doctor Who

Hopefully the series will pick up a bit later on, as the actors and writers get used to the characters, otherwise I suspect it might well only last a single series.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of Doctor Who though, I’d recommend taking a trip over to the BBC Wales Radio Player to listen to the excellent Doctor Who – A Celebration, a concert of music from the series in aid of Children in Need. Just enough to whet your appetite for the upcoming Doctor Who Soundtrack methinks.

Doctor Who – Children in Need

Now it has to be said, that the involvement of Doctor Who with Children in Need, the BBC‘s annual fund raising telethon has been a bit mixed. Whilst the Twentieth Anniversary special, The Five Doctors, was broadcast as part of the evening back in 1983, we also have the Doctor Who/Eastenders disaster that was Dimensions in Time… So tonight, Russell T continued the association, and provided new seven minute episode of Doctor Who. (But with only about three-and-a-half minutes of actual new stuff…)

So how was it? I’m glad to say that there is no comparison between tonights scene and Dimensions in Time – indeed there was no special Children in Need type crossover at all – this was just straight Doctor Who, complete with a recap of the last episode.

It picks up from the cliffhanger at the end of the last series. First off we have the new Doctor discovering that he is thinner before, and that he has more hair and sideburns! However Rose is not so sure, initially convinced that the Doctor has been kidnapped and substituted with an imposter. She’s not sure about the new look, even asking if he can change back. Eventually the Doctor offers to take her home, and sets the controls for a Christmas visit to Earth. However, then things start to go wrong. More of the time energy that caused the regeneration appears, and the Doctor starts exhibiting a split personality, one saying that the regeneration has gone wrong, the other taking the TARDIS faster and faster, heading towards a crash landing on Christmas Eve…

As I said, this was massively better than Dimensions in Time. Whereas that was trying to cram in as many people as possible, this was basically a compressed two handed character episode, we had a touching moment where the Doctor convinces Rose that he isn’t an imposter by reminding her of when they first met, funny moments with the Doctor checking out his new body, and when he decides to take Rose home. You also get a brief flavour of the new Doctor, before the split personality takes over. All in all a great introduction to the special Christmas episode, that goes out on Christmas Day itself.

If you missed it, or even if you didn’t, the mini-episode is available online at the Children in Need web site. Also included are a set of snippets with Tennant and Piper giving out the phone number for Children in Need, under various names, rarely their own! The website also gives you a chance to donate to the appeal online, of course the whole reason that this mini-episode was produced.