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Dawn Service

Sunlight and Shadow

So for the first time in years, we’ve actually had some sleep on Easter night. Beth went up to Church last night and led the vigil service, gave the Youth Group instructions on the readings, and then left the vigil itself to somebody else. We had a reasonable nights sleep, and then were back up at the Church for the dawn service considerably more awake and refreshed than we usually are on Easter morning.

Even better it wasn’t our responsibility to make sure the youth group didn’t snore too loudly during the service itself, nor were we responsible for clearing up the parish centre. We did however still help out with getting the fire going for the lighting of the paschal candle (in Beth’s case), and to fly the flag for Easter in mine.

This year we were treated to a beautiful dawn too. Quite often Easter morning is pretty cloudy and damp, however today we had clear skies on the top of the hill, and mist in the river valley below.

Later on we’re off to attend the first 11am Easter Morning service I’ve seen in six years, and the first Beth has ever attended. (We did make it as far as the 9:30am service one year…)

After that we can come home to tuck into Easter Eggs, all to celebrate (at least according to Somerfield) the birth of Christ… (Well rebirth at the second attempt, and resurection at the third.) Unfortunately the survey into British ignorance at the meaning of Christmas Easter that accompanied the Somerfield press release is now gone, however for the next week or so, The Now Show will helpfully recap some of the best of the questions for your enjoyment…