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A universal plug socket… at last?

Three pins. Two pins. Slanting pins. Straight. Circular.

In a world where there is no global standard for plug design, taking electrical items abroad can be fraught with difficulties. But now a solution may be at hand – and already in use in China.

via BBC News – A universal plug socket… at last?.

So it seems one of the problems we left the Chinese in 1999 was Hong Kong having the British three pin plugs, and rather than change the colony they seem to be rolling out a new multi-standard plug. What the article doesn’t mention of course is that it’s not just different physical plugs, in North America the voltage is different also, now if they have a plug socket that deals with that problem, that would be really interesting.

“A Quiet Hum”

I’m thinking that electricity company engineers are a bit like dentists and doctors when they say “it won’t hurt” before doing something that really does. The reason I say that is that our local electricity company is currently doing quite a bit of work around Finchampstead, as a result they have several generators stationed at strategic points to keep the supply running. One of the places they asked to put it was on part of the church grounds as there were relatively few houses close by. When we were asked, we queried how noisy it would be, our concerns being the neighbours we did have, and were told it would only be “a quiet hum”. Going up to the church last night for the first time since they put it in, there was indeed a quiet hum, but unfortunately it was rather hard to hear over the noise of the diesel engine in the generator!

Nuclear Go-Ahead

This morning it looks like the governments controversial decision to build more nuclear power plants will be announced. Of course we can expect a large amount of complaints from environmentalists. However I’m reminded of Ian James comments on the subject earlier in the year that people tend to place more weight on the very small chance of a catastrophic disaster with nuclear power, as opposed to the much more massive death toll that will result from a continued reliance on pollution producing fuels such as coal and gas. Of course increasing renewables is encountering problems too with ongoing campaigns against renewable schemes over visual impact. Of course ultimately what we need to be doing is trying to use less electricity, rather than trying to generate more and more to keep up with our usage.