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Women bishops: a view, an analysis and a reflection

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A good analysis of the Women Bishops vote, and also a good view of what might happen if the events of recent days galvanise the pro-women majority in the church into actively putting themselves forward for Synod.

Currently the 7% of conservative and traditional parishes have a working blocking minority in the House of Laity, if that goes in the next Synod election it may well be that a more pro-women synod will not give nearly so much ground to accommodate the traditionalists in any subsequent legislation…
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The Church of England can no longer continue as an arm of the state

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One effect of the failure to vote for Women Bishops yesterday is to bring a whole load of other subjects relating to the Church of England to the fore, in particular the relationship

between Church and State, and the place of the Bishops in the House of Lords. That the state Church is allowed to ignore equality law has also been highlighted. This article is a good read calling for things to change as a result of the vote.
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