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Can You Hear the Drums?


When Doctor Who returned two years ago, outside the basics, the team behind the programme seemed to quite deliberately avoid too many references to the old series. Wind forward to the present series and the situation is almost the reverse. Following on from the sight of images of all the previous faces of the Doctor in Human Nature, to the voices heard by Professor Yana in Utopia last week, we get a positive overdose of fan pleasing moments in the first part of the finale, The Sound of Drums.

Taking the plot first of all, it is all a relatively straightforward affair. The Doctor repairs Captain Jack’s vortex manipulator allowing them to escape. Whilst the Doctor had been unable to stop the Master escaping at the end of Utopia, he had managed to jam the TARDIS controls causing it to return to the same place it left – twenty-first century Earth. However they quickly realise that the Master has returned somewhat earlier, and that the mysterious Mr Saxon is in fact the Master – the mysterious Mr Saxon who has just been elected Prime Minister.

The Master is working with a race of aliens that he calls the Toclafane – although the Doctor believes this to be a made up name. The Master has also prepared traps for the Doctor, and has arrested Martha’s family. He has managed to win the election through the mobile phone network – the same technique that he has used to hide from the Doctor over the preceding months.

The Doctor and his companions manage to sneak onto the secret UNIT airship where the Master is to reveal the Toclafane to the world. However they fail to stop the Master’s plan, indeed the Master uses technology created by Professor Lazarus to age the Doctor, and incapacitates Jack, with only Martha managing to escape. The Master uses the TARDIS – which he has significantly modified and cannibalised, to open a rift and let in the Toclafane – ordering them to immediately destroy one tenth of the population of the world.

Alongside the main plot, there were a lot of back story and references, some very definitely for the fans. Chief among them is an explanation of how the Master comes to be alive and able to regenerate in the first place. Back in the TV Movie the Master manages to escape extermination by the Daleks but has to take over a human ambulance driver to do so. With his new human body decaying, he tries to take over the Doctor, but in the final climactic battle is sucked into the Eye of Harmony at the heart of the TARDIS. During the course of tonight’s episode we find out that during the Time War the Time Lords resurrected him in order to fight, giving him a new life-cycle much as was promised to him for helping the Time Lords in the Five Doctors. However, having been present during a key battle he fled and hid, using the Chameleon Arch to hide his identity. This explanation throws up interesting questions about what involvement the Doctor had in the Time War as he was unaware of the Master being resurrected, perhaps implying that the Doctor only becomes involved later on, after the Master has fled.

There are also several moments that hark back to well remembered Master scenes – for example at one point the Master is seen watching the Teletubbies, harking back to a scene in the Sea Devils when the Master is seen watching The Clangers.

Perhaps the biggest moment from a fan point of view is the first appearance of Gallifrey and of the Time Lord’s themselves as the Doctor describes the origin of the Master. Thanks to modern CGI, we see a panning shot from snowy mountains towards the gleaming Time Lord citadel covered by it’s protective dome. We also see a young Master surrounded by Time Lords, staring into the abyss of the time vortex. There is a definite effort to ramp up the Time Lord mythology, with the sequence reminding me very much of the epic style of movies such as the Lord of the Rings. From comments made by Russell T in the subsequent Doctor Who Confidential the return of the Master was on his list to do, and he implies that there are other things still to do – a return for Gallifrey and the Time Lord’s? Next weeks episode is called The Last of the Time Lords – whether this is because the Doctor has to destroy the Master, or is ironic due to the Doctor rediscovering his people remains to be seen.

It wasn’t only Time Lord references. After the Master has announced to the world that he is going to make first contact, the President of the United States arrives to take over control with UNIT citing that thanks to an agreement in 1968 – a reference to the episode The Web of Fear. Amusingly, considering that the real United Nations has asked that it’s name not be used in reference to UNIT, there were a number of points in the episode where the two organisations were referred to closely together, without ever explicitly stating what the acronym stood for! Having said that, the big budget has also extended to UNIT, with their base of operations this time being The Valiant, a vast airborne aircraft carrier, designed in part by the Master.

However, I’m suspecting that maybe not all the changes will be so welcome. Probably chief amongst the complaints will be the character of the Master, who is even more insane than he has been on previous appearances. Whilst at times there are elements of the dark and brooding character of before, at others he is cracking jokes, and being almost comic, showing many of the traits of David Tennant’s interpretation of the Doctor that so infuriate elements of fandom. John Simm mentions in his Doctor Who Confidential interview that he played the part exactly as written, perhaps passing the buck somewhat in advance of criticisms from the long term fans. Having said that, whose to say that being resurrected and then being long term disguised as a human didn’t unhinge him significantly?

So what is coming up next week? The trailer implies that there is a resistance movement to the Toclafane – but really I’m expecting that that is only going to be a small part of what is going to happen. Return of the Time Lords? We’ll have to wait and see…

Fly Tipping by J R Hartley

Every so often I catch an edition of Rogue Traders, a BBC consumer show that uses secret filming to trap unscrupulous tradesmen. In the past it has been everything from solar panel salesmen to gardeners, and is usually a catalogue of dodgy selling techniques, and shoddy workmanship.

Tonight, the subject of the programme was fly tipping, a recurring problem all over the country, and something that our local councils have to spend large amounts of our money to deal with. One of the underlying reasons for people fly tipping is that to dump any commercial waste at a suitable site in the UK, commercial companies dumping waste are charged a landfill tax – essentially they have to pay to dispose of the rubbish – therefore it’s a lot easier to dump it for free somewhere out of sight and pocket the cash, which of course is why it’s such a problem.

Watching the programme I was expecting to see things like the example they showed of a skip hire firm burning waste in an area of outstanding natural beauty, but the other firm featured was quite impressive in the audacity of where they chose to dump the waste. It is worth mentioning as well that this other example had also recognised the presenter of the programme in his disguise and still illegally dumped the rubbish – the programme even had pictures of him doing it!

The programme had hidden a selection of tracking devices in the rubbish they asked to be cleared in order to track it’s movements after it had been removed. In this case the firm was operating in Barnet, but rather than dump the rubbish out in some rural spot, they instead dumped the rubbish in somebody else’s drive elsewhere in the local area. There didn’t seem to be any particular plan, the driver just seemed to have driven around until he found a likely looking spot, tipped out the contents of his truck and driven off. I was just open mouthed at it, especially when, even having been suspicious that he was on the programme, he did it again. The other amusing irony of the whole programme is that the secret filming also included the driver discussing with his mate how he was faking a back injury to claim incapacity benefit too.

The irony of all of this illegal dumping is that residents have already paid for disposal of a lot of household waste as part of their council tax. Unfortunately the exact service offered is up to each local council and varies across the country. For example our local council will collect everything from your old fridge-freezer to builders rubble. They used to collect limited items for free, but they now levy a charge. Other councils are more limited in what they will take. The real issue for householders now though is that in an effort to crack down on fly tipping some councils are going after people who hire disreputable firms, alongside the firms themselves. Take a look at this announcement from Swale Borough Council:

The Government have given local authorities more powers to continue their war on waste. Householders who use unlicensed waste carriers to remove their waste can now be prosecuted and fined up to £5,000, whether they do it knowingly or unknowingly.

Commercial fly tippers rely on householders and businesses not asking questions or checking registration details and therefore a duty of care is being placed on householders to take all reasonable steps to ensure that their waste is disposed of legitimately. Fly tippers can make huge sums of money by dumping waste, often in multiple lorry loads.

Essentially the onus is being passed back to the person responsible for the waste to ensure that the person they hire to dispose of it, disposes of it properly. Whilst the fly tipper may be long gone, the authorities will now come back to the source of the rubbish whether they knew it was going to be fly tipped or not. So if you have a lot of rubbish to get rid of it’s up to you to ensure that you get a reputable firm or risk a £5000 fine if they dump the rubbish illegally.

fly-tip east lond 2 originally uploaded by rUd?.