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BBC News – Windows 8: Taking a look at Microsoft's latest operating system

If you’re wondering what all the fuss about is with Windows 8 it’s worth taking a look at this video from the BBC’s tech correspondent Rory Cellan Jones: .

You’ll see that what Microsoft are trying to do is produce an OS that will produce a tablet experience on iPad like devices, but also keep backwards compatibility with the familiar windows interface. Whilst it’s true that underneath MacOS X and iOS are the same, they are distinct entities, so on iOS you’re not going to find yourself dumped to a MacOS desktop which is something you’ll see in the video.

It remains to be seen how the average user will take to having both the Metro interface and a pointer based interface on the same device – certainly it seems like using old style windows touch based may be frustrating with small buttons designed for mouse clicking, as will using the Metro interface with a mouse.

Milk in a Bag

If you want an entertaining little distraction, take a look at BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones trying out the new recyclable bag and jug system for milk that Sainsbury’s has just launched.

What comes over is quite what a faff the whole system is compared to just opening up one of the normal plastic bottles that most milk comes in. The idea is that you buy the reusable jug once, and then the bag is made from recyclable plastic, avoiding the bottles going to landfill. In the case of us, that isn’t a problem, as our local council will take the plastic milk bottles anyway, however I’m well aware that different councils have different policies.

However the big question that comes up is why, if this is a move to encourage recycling, why this is more environmentally friendly than the way milk used to be supplied which was in reusable glass bottles. You’d hand back your empty bottles which would be taken away, cleaned and reused. Surely having a container that is totally reusable like that is more environmentally friendly than a whole load of plastic bags?