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The Surprise Update

One of the annoyances of being a gadget fan is when your fantastic new toy gets a surprise upgrade, just after you’ve bought it – it happened to me with our iMac G5, when Apple released the revision C model with Mighty Mouse, Apple Remote, Front Row and a built in iSight camera a few weeks after we’d bought ours. Having said that, it must be really galling to have Apple double the RAM in the iPhone three days after you’ve bought yours.

Vista Update Problem

Has anyone who is running Vista had any problems with the 8th January security updates? All of my XP machines updated fine, but I had a call from a friend running Vista saying that their machine had locked up, and when they managed to get it restarted they were getting errors that Security Center was unable to start. Going on to their machine with Remote Assistance all the Security Center services were disabled. Starting those up manually seemed to resolve the problem with Security Center errors, and didn’t seem to cause any other adverse reactions (yet) – so I’m assuming something went wrong in the update. Anybody else had any similar experiences?

K2 Update

If the site looks a little different, it’s because I’ve updated the K2 theme which I am using for presentation. Amongst other things it changes how the header and sidebars are handled, so some of the tweaks I’ve made still have to be replaced. It also has a couple of new toys, the most obvious being the archive slider that appears at the top of the front page – try it out and see what you think.