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Beth and Richard Get Married (The Movie)

Last Thursday we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, well at least as much as you can with two small children and summer colds going around the family!

Anyway, one of the things that the tenth wedding anniversary actually got me to organise was getting a copy of our wedding video into a more usable form. The video was shot by a friend of ours who shot on NTSC DV, and then produced a copy for us that we could watch back in the UK. They also kindly gave us the master tape. Needless to say technology has moved on in ten years, so what I wanted to do was get the wedding video into a form where I could keep it properly backed up on the computer, plus with a copy online. Whilst most DVD players and Bluray players will quite happily cope with NTSC recordings, finding a DV camera that could had proved rather more difficult, but thankfully I found a specialist company over in Twyford called DigitalCopyCat who we could drop the tape off with in person who would produce a QuickTime file of the wedding that I could easily handle on the Mac from our NTSC Master tape.

We now have that file converted into an Apple TV ready form so we can watch it back on the main TV, and also uploaded to my Vimeo account so you too can enjoy the wedding video – indeed most of our UK friends and relatives will never have seen this I’m sure!

Watching it back certainly brings back a few memories. There are of course quite a few people who are sadly no longer with us, for example neither Pastor K’Henry or Rev’d Sheila our Rector from Finchampstead who came over for the wedding are with us any more. There are also several relatives such as Beth’s grandmother, and Aunt Kathy who have passed away since.

On a lighter note you do get to see me pacing up and down wondering where the grooms parents and Best Man have got to (they managed to take a wrong turn on the way to the church and were driving around the army base at Ralston),  plus me in a suit that I might just about fit into again now, but for the best part of ten years haven’t been able to. There are also quite a few of the family looking younger and less stressed before they had their children!

Anyway, the video is over an hour long as it’s got the whole service, plus speeches and cake cutting and so on at the reception, so enjoy a little bit of a flashback to ten years ago.

Also if you’ve got any films or slides, videos or so forth that you want converted to something digital I can heartily recommend DigitalCopyCat – great service, especially with all the bouncing back and forth to get the format I wanted for the Mac, and at a good price too.

Seen But Not Heard

From time to time, I wonder why some Churches struggle for numbers – then I read stories like this. Sure, noisy children in services can be annoying if you’re not expecting it, which is why we provide alternatives when we host family services. Equally, I know there is quite often a perception that a wedding couple is using the Church purely as a pretty backdrop for their service – they roll up for a couple of weeks to hear the banns, have the wedding, and then disappear never to be seen again, but as the established Church that’s part of life, and for those that go, there are some that find a place in the Church community through the welcome they receive from their local Church. However, taking all of those objections into account, I do think having the Bride and Groom’s own son ejected from his parents wedding is a bit excessive…

The Great Escape


Watching The Apprentice this week, you sort of felt that Michael should be walking out of the boardroom to the strains of The Great Escape. Thanks to a classic demonstration of boardroom suicide from Sara, where as often happens to someone at this point in the series, she had just had enough and didn’t properly defend herself – and with the bullying she has been receiving in previous weeks I’m not surprised. After she put herself forward as the person who hadn’t sold anything (neither had Michael) Sir Alan ended up focusing in on her rather than picking up on the more obvious mistakes from Michael and Helene the group leader, both of whom were much more deserving of the chop than Sara.

Much as had occurred last week, Alpha put on a good demonstration of how it should be done. Lucinda took the project management reins and again produced a well organised and well executed result. It is interesting that despite her earlier difficulties she does seem to be able to manage even other candidates with which she has crossed swords without too much of a problem, and unlike some who can’t seem to put personal differences aside, manages to get good results from everybody. That’s not to say that they played it safe. The task was selling wedding dresses and accessories, and was this years task where the two teams were competing to sign up suppliers from a shared pool. Alpha took a big gamble by going for a recommendation from Raef that they go with the well known, but ultimately expensive designer. This had benefits in that when both teams went for the same wedding accessory supplier, the supplier chose them because of their choice of designer, however part way through the day it was looking increasingly like it was a gamble gone bad, as whilst Renaissance had sold several of their cheaper dresses, despite a lot of interest Alpha still hadn’t sold any. It turned out though that it was all a question of faith, as in the last hour or two many of the people who had expressed an interest earlier on came back to the stall having looked at the other options, ultimately deciding to put the money down on the expensive dress. Thanks to the high ticket prices they then easily surpassed Renaissance who although they sold a larger volume of dresses, were left thousands of pounds behind. Considering what Helene has said about how useless Lucinda is in previous tasks, it was poetic justice really.

Then came the boardroom. Looking back at the task, there had been a number of poor decisions. Over on Alpha, the team had split into two with one pair seeing all the dresses and making the dress choice, and the other seeing all the accessory suppliers and choosing those. Renaissance operated differently. Michael suggested and Helene accepted the idea that the groups should split geographically, so one group saw companies in south London, the other in central and North London. This meant that nobody saw all the dresses. Michael schmoozed his way through the meeting with the well known designer that Alpha chose, but ultimately said in the car that he didn’t like the dresses and didn’t push them as a good choice – as a result Helene went for the middle of the road supplier that she had seen. In the boardroom Michael changed his tune and said what a good choice the now winning dresses would have been, and saying that perhaps he should have pushed them more. Their accompanying product was wedding cakes, the sale of which fell to Michael and Sara, however as something whose purchase is not the sole preserve of the bride, they proved to be impossible to sell, resulting in both Michael and Sara resorting to a pretty hard sell by the end of the day, although Alex was heard to comment pretty early on that Michael was using his telesales techniques on face-to-face sales from pretty early on.

Bearing in mind that he was already on a warning from last week after the kosher Chicken debacle, it seemed that the boardroom choice was really between Michael for his hard sell and the geographical division of the team idea, or Helene, who as team leader hadn’t seemed overly in control. Once Sara had been despatched, hopes were raised that Michael might be following, but sadly not. He again, much to the surprise of the audience, and even of Sir Alan himself, managed to talk himself into having another crack at project management next week.

Is he going next week? He does seem to be another of this seasons Houdini candidates, thankfully they do often get weeded out at the interview stage which is coming up in a fortnight. Amongst the remaining candidates, there aren’t any clear front runners. Alex has lost his sparkle somewhat after being stuck on Renaissance as they have lost six out of the eight tasks. Lee seems to have started to come into his own, but the way he treated Sara earlier in the series still is a strong negative. Claire actually received praise this week, but has perhaps had rather too many visits to the boardroom to win. To my mind Lucinda is the definite left-field choice – although she had a lot of problems early on, where again she was bullied and set up for failure by other candidates, she has proved herself to be very good at managing a team, and putting people into roles that fit their skills. So if, as he often does, Sir Alan is after a good all rounder rather than a gold star salesperson, she may turn out to be the idea choice.


Roman Ruins

Following on from my hard drive troubles at the weekend I’ve uploaded a whole batch of scanned pictures I managed to salvage from the drive, all of which probably come under the category of archive material!

There are several group shots, including a picture of the class of ’91 from my school, most of my Computer Science course from 1994, the employee group shot from Flagg Ranch where I worked during summer 1993 and a shot of the development team at my first job. I’m a lot easier to spot in some of the pictures than others, but I am in all four.

There are also a couple of scans of cuttings relating to the Geocaching video I posted a couple of months back.

The biggest set is a whole load of pictures from our wedding back in 2001 – not the official shots but a mixed bag of pictures from the table cameras, and various other snapshots people took. You can also see the house Beth lived in when she first moved to the UK.

Alongside all of those are a kind of ‘best of’ selection of some of the pictures I took on my trips to Morocco, and to Syria and Jordan. This one of Petra will probably be familiar to anybody who has come to our house as an enlargement of it hangs in our hallway. The picture above is one from my Morocco trip, and is my being experimental with shooting pictures of the Roman ruins.

Famous Last Words

This afternoon was the last wedding of the season for the choir. One of the parents, dropping off their children to sing in the choir asked the priest what time it was likely to finish.

“Should be over by about twenty-to-three.� says the reverend.

“What about if the bride is late?� comes the question from another choir member.

“No, this couple is really well organised – I didn’t even need to have the final meeting with them as they had everything in hand,â€? came the reply.

Famous last words – the ushers didn’t have enough orders of service and ended up getting people to share. The order of service wasn’t even the order they did the service in either. As for not being late, the bride was twenty-five minutes late arriving because the driver had taken them to the wrong church…