It’s just as I thought…

Just thought I’d do a quick check on who I should vote for…

Labour -15
Conservative -34
Liberal Democrat 40
UK Independence Party -8
Green 36

You should vote: Liberal Democrat

Interestingly, I set my year 11s a speaking and listening task this week in which they had to explain their views on asylum seekers and immigration, and describe why they felt this way. The class was split about half and half between those who thought asylum seekers should be shot on sight, and those who thought we should give them a home out of compassion. The most interesting views came from the group who seemed to think that building a wall around the EU and keeping them all out unless we desperately needed their skills was the best solution. I did try not to argue with anyone, as they were not to try to persuade me of anything (or me them), but the group who seemed to have memorised the BNP manifesto and were spouting its most vicious ideas did get more than they bargained for during the questioning part of the exercise… We’ll see their reactions when I give them feedback next week! I’m going in armed (with information, of course!)

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