Apple Comes Out Top

The new issue of Which? dropped onto my doormat this morning, with a picture of an Apple iMac on the cover, and the news that Apple has triumphed in their survey of 15,000 computer users. The irony of all of this is that, until recently, their sister magazine, Computing Which? has pretty well ignored the Mac. Now they do have some articles covering Macs, and include Mac products in group tests, but they still generally have a downer on the platform in some of their editorial.

Switching to the Mac the Missing Manual: Tiger Edition

The survey asked a number of questions over the reliability, user friendliness and support offered, and then collated the results according to manufacturer. Apple came top in the recommendation category with 89% of owners saying they would recommend an Apple. Second place was Dell with 75%. Apple tied for top with Dell and Hewlett-Packard in the reliability category with 90%, and was second behind local independent retailers for the level of support they offered. The editorial praises the quality of the bundled software packages with the Mac, and also dispels the belief that buying a Mac is pricier.

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