Keeping the Lights On

So yesterday, after having the car for over a year, I got my first experience of changing a headlamp bulb on my VW Golf. Now if this sounds like I’m getting a little overexcited about a simple bulb change, you might like to read back over the hassle I have with our Ford Focus, particularly the eye-watering £60 for the dealer to fit the passenger side bulb.

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that the change for the Golf was simple enough that I did it in the car park of Halfords, with no need for tools screwdrivers or anything. The back of the headlamp unit is a screw cover, then the bulb itself is in a socket mounted in a plastic holder that again screws off. The holder can only go back in the correct way up, and again it all just screws back together. This was a breeze compared to the metal clips and plastic flip up cover effort on the Focus. In fact it even takes the same type of bulb as the Focus which makes life easier.

Having said that, whilst I was there, I did a light check, and spotted that the wing mirror indicator on the passenger side was not as bright as on the drivers side, indeed it seemed that some of the LED’s where flickering off on some occasions. Looking through the manual there was nothing about these bulbs, and nothing about how to change them, so today I gave the VW dealer a call. The diagnosis over the phone was that from the symptoms it could be a ‘fault with the board’, in which case it’s a warranty repair. Otherwise, if it’s that the bulb is going, then it’s £18+VAT to replace it – somewhat less painful than the headlight replacement over at Ford it has to be said. They were able to take the car in on Saturday to sort it out too.

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