US Baggage Screening 1 – Laptop 0

You might remember my posting recently over the effect of the new hand baggage restrictions on those who travel with laptops. Well last week one of my colleagues at work had a good demonstration of this, or more precisely what effect the restrictions have when combined with the US policy of searching checked baggage behind the scenes without having the owner of the bag present, and also the ban on Dell laptops on some airlines.

Because of all the restrictions, my work colleague decided to pack his laptop into his checked baggage rather than carry it. As a laptop is a fairly fragile thing at the best of times, he was careful to pack it in the middle of his suitcase, made sure it was padded on all sides, and also that nothing solid was close that could potentially damage the machine.

However in the course of the journey, US security cut open his suitcase and rummaged through. Did they pack it with the same care as he had done? Of course not – these guys are searching hundreds of bags a day, and need to get the job done as quickly as possible, so they just shoved everything back into the case. The result? One laptop with a busted screen thanks to the repacking carried out at security, which resulted in the top of the laptop getting squashed down and the screen getting cracked.

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