Back from Canada, Back to Work

So no sooner are we back from Canada, than we’re both back to work. As a result I’ve taken the opportunity to upload various pictures from our trip.

Broken Through

This being the middle of winter, there aren’t that many pictures, since aside from a day in Medicine Hat we spent the majority of the time on Beth’s parents ranch. Luckily the snow didn’t hit until the day after we arrived, and with no further major snow we had no problems getting back to Calgary to catch our plane. Having said that, when we set off for the airport on New Years Day morning, the temperature was a very chilly -23°C – which thanks to the brewing Chinook Wind had hit 5°C by the time we reached the city, and is expected to climb higher in coming days. Of course the winds also gave us a pretty bumpy ride as the plane climbed out of Calgary too.

All the pictures are loaded in to the recent pictures feed – with the majority of the pictures, a series of pictures of the ranch in winter, being stored in a special photo set. Depending on how things go, I may well blog about some of the rest of the trip over the next couple of days, particularly whether our decision to try the new British Airways service will change our travelling preferences for future trips.

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