Quoted in the Sunday Times

If you look carefully in the travel section of yesterdays Sunday Times, you’ll see what can happen if you grumble about something on your blog – in this case the spectacularly misnamed ‘Fast Bag Drop’ at Heathrow. The target of the article is the British Airways operation, however the Air Canada equivalent at the airport is no better.

Steve Bleach, the reporter in question sent me an e-mail last week. He’d had a pretty hellish attempt at dropping off the bags on his last transatlantic flight (at least we didn’t have to keep children entertained in the queue when we had to wait), and decided to write an item about it in the paper, and thought he’d have a search online and see if anyone else had problems. He’d come across a number of postings, including ours. Basically I called him back, and we shared ‘Fast Bag Drop’ chaos stories, part of which is quoted in the paper. Certainly from that article it seems that the situation is no better at Gatwick.

Anyway, things are no better when you get to the other end either – check out this clip of the sight that greeted a passenger trying to collect his luggage in Las Vegas…

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