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The Waiting is Over

If you’ve been reading Beth’s blog recently you’ll have been following her making the cake for Jo and Drew’s wedding which took place yesterday.

She has actually written up the day, well it’s actually about fifty-percent about the cakes, but there are details from the wedding too!

If you’re wondering about the comment about my foot – which I realise I haven’t mentioned on here, at the moment I’ve got an infection in my left foot, which I’ve had since the beginning of the week. The doctor said it was either an infection, or could be gout – saying that if it were gout the pain would be worse later in the week as the antibiotics he gave me would be ineffective. Anyway, the good news is that it isn’t more painful, so hopefully it’s not gout, but the bad news is that with it being in my left foot changing gear in the car is rather uncomfortable, as is wearing anything other than a slipper on that foot, so Beth did the driving yesterday.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the pictures that I took yesterday to Flickr, or alternatively you can browse them in our gallery.

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