The Non-Election

The news broadcasts tomorrow will be full of the story about our non-election. In late summer Gordon Brown was getting really good poll ratings so speculation started that he would call a snap election.

In recent days the opposition parties have been playing up that Gordon Brown was weak and indecisive for not having made a clear announcement either to call one or rule one out. That is of course because anyone with half-a-brain realised that if the Conservative party managed to make it through their conference without hitting the self-destruct button they would rise in the polls and the Labour advantage would be gone – and it was the Conservative party conference last week.

The Conservatives had to produce a good conference for a possible snap election, but a good conference was all the reason Gordon Brown needed to not call that election. Only an idiot would call an election years before he had to if he didn’t think he had a good chance of winning. As the week went on, the Conservatives held together, the grumblers in their party kept a low profile, and they got lots of good press. Gordon Brown looked at the polls and the positive reactions to the Conservative conference and has ruled out an election.

I seriously didn’t expect a decision until now, and David Cameron is a liar if he says that in the same situation wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing. Would he have had the balls to go to the country with the polls looking so tight? Of course he wouldn’t – politicians are well skilled in the art of keeping power, and any politician given the choice would have done the same – so why in that case do we have to sit through what will be days of sniping that will inevitably come now?

And to think they wonder why millions of people in this country don’t vote!

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