Bendy Buses and Atheists

I’m certainly not the biggest fan of Christian Voice, but their press release discussing the Richard Dawkins backed plan to put an advertisement for atheism (although from the wording of the advert I’d say it was more agnostic) has produced probably the most amusing quote, one which the BBC are highlighting on their news story:

Bendy-buses, like atheism, are a danger to the public at large.

2 thoughts on “Bendy Buses and Atheists”

  1. Bearing in mind that bendy-buses kill people; why is atheism a danger to the public?

    Now if he’d said fundamentalist Christians are a danger to the public at large I would have to agree.

  2. I’d say that fundamentalist anything is something to be concerned about. Ironically if you read the rest of his statement, Green is arguing that “People don’t like being preached at”. Quite how he resolves that with some of his protests outside theatres and the BBC I really don’t know.

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