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A Very Different Whitehouse

Hat tip to the Flickr Blog for highlighting the White House Photostream, which does seem to show a pretty candid behind the scenes view of the Obama White House.

I’m quite sure all the pictures have been suitably cleared, but it does seem that the photostream gives you a lot of behind the scenes views, so you get to see Obama picking his Oval Office chair, the new family dog being shown around, Obama watching his daughter play basketball, Obama and Biden practising putting, and even Obama watching the Super Bowl along with some of the more classic working in the Oval office type shots.

You also get to take a look at some of the iconic locations that are so well known, like the situation room, scenes on Air Force One reminiscent of the West Wing, the Roosevelt Room and the Cabinet Room.

There are numerous great shots – currently getting on for three hundred, just from the first one hundred days in office. Rather than list any more, I’ll just let them speak for themselves with the slideshow.