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Scoble Feeds The Conspiracy Theorists

Reading through the new postings to Robert Scoble‘s blog, the Scobleizer, I came across a posting that as a Mac user I found pretty funny.

The posting is on the subject of a video of the recent Longhorn RSS announcement, however due to limited bandwidth, rather than posting two versions, he had only posted a Windows Media streaming file. This had caused problems for Mac users because the Mac version always shows the lowest bandwidth stream in the file rather than the largest. To his credit he is now chasing up the relevant team at Microsoft to sort out the problem.

The reason I found the whole thing funny is that most Mac users try to avoid dealing with the Mac Windows Media Player because of the generally poor performance. Also quite apart from the performance, even the latest version won’t run all the videos that the Windows version displays, and streaming video to it is just a waste of time.

Whilst I’m not convinced, many Mac Zealots will have you believe that Microsoft deliberately put out a poorly performing version for the Mac to give the impression of cross platform support to encourage people to use the format, but then to argue that to get good performance you really need a Windows machine, as the Mac can’t cut it. Whilst there may be a myriad of reasons as to why the bug wasn’t spotted sooner, the admission on Scobleizer can only add fuel to the conspiracy theorists!

London Geek Dinner

So despite the efforts of South West trains, we made it to the Geek Dinner!

I met Howard on the train at Basingstoke, and it turned out that Sarah was sat opposite us on the train. Dave met us at Waterloo.

It was great to meet Robert Scoble, and also to hear some of his opinions as to the effect that blogs are having on the world. He seemed genuinely chuffed by the number of people who had come along (about 120, double the largest geek dinner held in the USA). It was a great opportunity to meet a load of other techies, and just generally chat.

Probably the funniest moment of the entire night, was Ian, who was convinced that Sarah couldn’t be a geek, until she pulled out her binary watch! You can read both Ian’s version and Sarah’s version on their respective blogs.

Aside from the good food, and general geekiness, it was great to be able to catch up with Howard now that Locutio is really taking off. Howard did make a bit of an impression on Dave however, with his Frankenstein style surgery to produce Zaphod Beeblebrox Channel 9 Guy!

There is a page up with loads of blog entries describing the night, and links off to pictures, plus pod casts of the night and Robert Scobles speech itself – well worth a listen if you have an interest in blogging. (Incidentally, I do pop up in the pictures, just to prove I was there!)

I only had my Nokia 3650 with me, so my pictures are not the greatest (roll on the arrival of my new phone), but I’ve added a few below.

Apple/Intel Rumours Again

A couple of weeks ago Reuters started off on the Apple are going to switch to Intel chips rumour mill again. As usual nobody involved would comment officially, but there were a number of “inside sources” who have confirmed it. Robert Scoble has been commenting on the story, and claims inside knowledge.

However, others are offering a different take, considering whether Apple may be going Intel for something else.

The Tao of Mac site also links to the debunking, but also offers some reasons why even if they make the switch, you won’t be seeing a dual boot Windows/MacOS X machine.

Mac Rumours has a summary of the current state of the rumours.

From my point of view, I’m not overly bothered whose chips are in the machine, as long as it works, and as long as I’m not left in a situation where large amounts of software won’t work on the new machines because of a change of underlying processor. What makes a Mac what it is is the operating system. I’m also not expecting to see a version of MacOS X that will work on a normal PC either, as with Apple’s current business model where they sell high margin hardware, it would seem to be corporate suicide to allow cheap PC clones to run the OS. Let’s not forget that Apple tried it back in 1997, and pulled the plug on the clones.

Anyway, we shouldn’t have long to wait, as Steve Jobs is due to give a keynote at the Worldwide Developer Conference next week.