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Stephen Fry on Global Warming

Another great “blessay” from Stephen Fry, this time on the topic of Global Warming, inspired by an argument he had with an American on the subject.

Interestingly his take on why we should be behaving as if Global Warming is a reality, essentially the same principle as Pascal’s Wager, is much the same argument that I always come back to – if we behave as if Global Warming is a reality and we’re wrong we’ll all look a bit stupid, but if we act as if Global Warming does not exist, and it does, then the consequences are a lot worse.

Needless to say Stephen Fry puts it a lot more eloquently than me!

Stephen Fry – Devices and Desires

I blogged a couple of years ago about an article about Stephen Fry that appeared in Mac Format and about his addiction to the Mac platform stretching back twenty years.

Recently Stephen has started a blog and the topic of his first posting – Devices and Desires – which discusses another technological addiction, mobile devices and Smartphones. Not surprisingly he has an iPhone, but this looks at the competition, most of which he has tried.

Style wise this is a bit different from your usual technical article – very Stephen Fry (so it does have a couple of more adult comments) – but it is a great read, and pretty funny in places. Incidentally as an example of the quirkiness, the title of the article is taken from the General Confession in the Book of Common Prayer (“I have followed too much the devices and desires of my own heartâ€?)- not a common point of reference for a computer article, but somewhat appropriate!

Looking at his history, it seems he is a Psion 3 fan whereas I only came in when the Psion 5 was launched. He’s tried Palm devices, but is very frustrated with the way they seem to regularly try to commit corporate suicide. He is particularly damning about the Palm Foleo, a mobile device even he did not want.

As an aside he also mentioned Markspace Missing Sync as a good way to synchronise a PocketPC with a Mac – not surprisingly after my nightmare with the product I can’t agree. Despite it’s numerous updates over recent months, I’m still not sure I actually trust it not to scramble my diary!

According to the article, he has tried a number of Symbian smartphones, and has some harsh words for Sony Ericsson:

What a crushing, lowering, fury-inducing disappointment. Just how dumb are the software engineers, designers and marketeers at Sony E?

On the other hand, he seems to quite like the latest Nokia offerings.

Moving on to the iPhone, he has many of the same criticisms as other techies and industry commentators – but again like quite a few in the US he is using the phone anyway.

What is quite impressive is that for a blog with only one article, Stephen Fry has so far had 140 comments – hopefully that will persuade him to write more as I for one will certainly be reading.

Stephen Fry – Mac Fan

Reading through the December issue of Mac Format that turned up in the post this week, I was interested to read an interview with Stephen Fry (who describes his occupation as a writer, actor and flower arranger to the stars in the article) about his Apple Mac addiction.

According to the article he got his first Mac twenty-one years ago, and now owns loads of Macs with at least eight being specifically mentioned. However the most interesting, and very “Stephen Fry” type answer is reserved for the question of why he has a Mac instead of a PC:

You may as well ask someone who has the choice why they live in a Georgian house and not a 1960s towerblock. It drives me mad that people who spend their working lives in front of a screen do so in a Windows environment, the equivalent of a “sick building syndrome” office, with strip lighting, ugly furniture and no freshness, sexiness or imagination in design. People are dragging out their lives in the computer equivalent of a sink estate and no one questions it. God rot Windows and all its ugly, clunky, badly-designed horror.

Mmm, I think maybe he doesn’t much like windows then… From my point of view, whilst I prefer the environment of MacOS X I don’t think I’d describe Windows XP in quite such damning terms as Fry does here. Having said that it still an amusing interview, and worth picking up.