Reg Vardy or Evans Halshaw – Just the Same

When the reminder that our Focus needed servicing a couple of weeks ago, we found out that our local Ford dealership which was Reg Vardy had now become Evans Halshaw following their merger with Pendragon PLC. It doesn’t seem to have made that much of a difference.

The car was in for it’s MOT and service. Last year listed on the warnings list was worn brake pads, which Beth highlighted when she dropped the car off. This time around there was no mention of the brake pads, nor were they changed. Were they wrong the last time or this?

Just to further build confidence, they also highlighted that there was a problem with the headlamp alignment on the nearside. This is the headlamp that is impossible to change, so the only people who have touched the lamp are the technicians at Reg Vardy/Evans Halshaw who are supposed to realign the lights after the change – the whole reason a dealer has to do the bulb change in the first place. Another issue they highlighted was that the air conditioning had never been recharged – it has, a couple of years ago – and it was Reg Vardy/Evans Halshaw that did it – apparently that error is down to the new computer system.

As a result of the headlamp issue I’d already decided to not get another Ford, however after this effort, particularly them trying to charge me to put right something they didn’t get right in the first place, I’m certainly considering whether another garage would be in order.

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  1. I use Platts, in Marlow. It’s a long way to go, however.

    The Focus being one of the most popular (if not *the* most popular) cars on the road, it should be possible to take it to almost any independent garage.

    I haven’t yet needed to replace a headlamp bulb on mine. I don’t know whether yours is the same model, though – mine is early 2001 which has a different headlamp layout from the late 2001 to 2005 model.

    1. A letter I sent to Evans Halshaw
      Dear Sir

      I am writing to complain about the poor service received at Vauxhall Evans Halshaw in East Kilbride. Booked my wife’s car in for an MOT 01st June 2010.

      Asked service manager to inspect long brake pedal. Told it would cost £41.13 to be inspected. Car failed MOT on brake discs (see attached failed MOT), even though I had paid to get them checked. No one called to explain the problem prior to being sent for MOT. Salesman told me the car had been given a full service prior to sale. Mileage was 45995 when we collected the car and has only done 6626 miles since. Surly the state of the brakes should have been picked up prior to collection of car as brake discs do not wear out in 6000 miles!

      An independent mechanic diagnosed the cause of the poor brakes as the brake pads being seized in the callipers, mechanic at Evans Halshaw never picked this point up.

      Was also told the brake shoes were 80% worn by the mechanic at Evans Halshaw. He had not even taken the rear wheels off to inspect the shoes as the rear drums and wheels were still covered in brake dust.

      Never got a worksheet for the service explaining the work carried out and the service book has been incorrectly completed. According to the service book the mechanic has carried out a service on a Vauxhall Agilia! (See attached paperwork).

      As a result of the over inflated estimate (Over £600) and poor work carried out by the dealership got the work done at another garage. Called Evans Halshaw on Thursday 3rd June to rebook for a free MOT retest. Receptionist put me straight through to servicing. I was unaware I had been put through to main call centre who explained that the 1st date available would be the 17th June by which time the free MOT retest option would have expired, not to mention leaving my wife without a car for over two weeks and also meaning that I would need to pay for a full MOT again. Went to independent garage to get new MOT (attached invoice).

      Made an appointment to see the service manager at first available date I could make which was the 9th June 2010. Banged my head against a brick wall for 1.5hrs to no avail. He was not concerned in any of the points made. All he was just interested in pointing out that he had only got the job 8 weeks ago and that he was appointed to the company to improve customer service (ironic really when you consider all the above valid points I have made). He reluctantly refunded my inspection fee but nothing else. He refused to refund the MOT as we had taken it elsewhere. What else was I meant to do? The call centre told me that they were unable to fit me in!

      In total as you can see from attached receipts I am out of pocket by £320 and the only form of compensation I have received is the £41.13 inspection fee, shocking!

      I expected more from Vauxhall and have been left totally dissatisfied and expect something to be done. I have cc this letter to Evans Halshaw head office along with a copy going to, citizens advice, The Judge in the Sunday Post. Having contacted trading standards I have been advised that I have a strong case in accordance with the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 which states “that work should be carried out with reasonable care and skill” which has not happened in this case. I also will instruct a solicitor to start proceedings if a suitable outcome is not resolved!

      Also attached a few e mails from other dissatisfied Evans Halsaw customers from the internet and won’t hesitate to add my own treatment onto the website as well.

      I await your swift response

      Yours sincerely

      Keith Jones

      CC The Sunday Post care of the Judge
      CC Evans Halshaw Head Office
      CC Consumer Direct

  2. Finding a good garage that you can trust is just about as difficult as… well… I think it’s the most difficult thing ever. I still haven’t found one that doesn’t try to rip me off everytime I go in. “Oh, it looks like you need a new Johnson rod.”, or some other nonsense. Arg!

  3. Ive just been to buy a car at Gateshead Evans Halshaw.I telephoned that morning to arrange a test drive in a particiular car.I saw the car as I arrived . It was covered with price stickers and had baloons attached . Obviously not ready for the road.After being ignored in the showroom for a few minutes My wife & I decided to leave. I went to look outside at the car, came back and at last managed to speak to one of the sales staff who didnt seem to know where the keys were for it. He asked us to wait 5 minutes I pointed out we had been there about 10 minutes then and no one had even spoken to us. One of the sales team identified himself as the manager said he was short staffed because of sickness and if I waited for 5 minutes he would hear my complaint. During all our time in the showroom there were three sets of customers including ourselves. There were three sales staff, two of which seemed to be working together.Three staff, three customers, why was I kept waiting? I could forgive the fact they were busy or short staffed if one person had so much as acknowledged our prescence, asked us to wait, asked if we would like a seat and a cup of coffee, anything but to ignore us. We left, I didnt get the car I had come to buy, they missed out on a certain sale.

  4. I purchased a top of the range Renault Traffic van for my business from Reg Vardy Leeds. no problems.
    21000 miles later it developed a major problem with quick shift gear box. It was recovered to Evans Halshaw there my problems began. A total of 5 weeks off the road and a further recovery after 120 miles with the same problem a service where I was charged £18 for a filter that was not changed plus very poor customer relations, hours on the phone to find out the position as no one contacted me as promised. A van finally collected that was dirty and empty of fuel after going in with a full tank.
    After years of vauxhall vans from Reg Vardy with no problems it came as a shock to the system.

  5. I took my Rover 75 to Evans Halshaw in Stockton on Tees for service & MOT. I also asked for a headlamp bulb to be changed, access to which is restricted by the air intake pipe. When I checked the car later I found that this pipe had been cut at the bottom and just left dangling. Not a very professional job! Also some of the work on the service schedule which had been ticked and signed for, had obviously not been done. Two months later I am still waiting for a satisfactory response from them.

  6. At last! Evans Halshaw has been in touch and my car has been repaired.The air intake pipe has been replaced and they thanked me for my patience.

  7. i’ve just bought a astra twin top from Evans halshaw at gateshead. When i picked it up on the monday they had curbed one of the alloys which i pointed out and they said they would repair. Not a good start.
    Things got worse when i got the car home and noticed there wasn’t a spare tyre or as stated in the handbook even an emergency tyre inflation kit and on further investigation i found Water in the boot recess.
    This was reported the very next day along with the fact the folding roof mecanism keeps sticking.
    Not what you expect from a £14,000 car
    They are currently saying its now my car and the sale staff just pass me onto a member of service
    They’ve given mt a book of £50 vounchers to claim back if a recomend a friend.
    Any ideas what i should do ?

  8. i have got a vauxhall clubman,(new) the service i got was very good i even got two cups of coffee the sales executive was damon lofthouse he even asked me if i would like a test drive. i would go to a advice centre as they have good contacks for this kind of atitude,i know you have a good case try to get things in writing they cannot refuse you write to them and tell them you have a copy of the letter tell them if do not get a quick responce you will refer them to the (ombusman)

  9. I have just visited Reg Vardy/Evans Halshaw in Blaydon, and I found the service to be excellent. The sales staff were courteous, I was offered tea/coffee, had the sales processs explained to me, was told about their “every day low prices” and their “price guarantee.” I test drove the car – and loved it. They made the car affordable for me, and I signed there and then, and felt comfortable in doing so. I was introduced to the Manager who was also very courteous and thanked me for my business. I shall recommend everyone I know to Blaydon Vauxhall, and will certainly be going back there myself.
    1st Class all round!!!

  10. Evans Halshaw – Gateshead (Chevrolet)

    Was phoned by the garage to be reminded that the first annual service was due – so i arranged a date and made sure that they knew i wanted to wait while it was done – they said an hour / hour and a half. I had arranged for a Saturday – as no one could drop me off / pick me up.
    I arranged to drop it off at 8.45 and collect at 10.30

    On the day, I dropped it off and confirmed with the receptionist that it would be ready at 10.30. Then took my 4 yr old son to the shops for an hour and a half and returned thinking ‘i can get straight in the car and go home and enjoy the rest of Saturday’.

    When i returned, the car was in the same spot i had left it – i went in and the receptionist told me that “oh yes, they are on with it now – if you take a seat it won’t be long”. So i took a seat.

    5 minutes later i went back outside for another look and it was still in the same position.

    So i went back to reception and just told them to give me the keys, telling them “i dropped my car off and it still hasn’t been touched” – she gave me some total guff about the call centre who arranged the booking hadn’t noted the collection time on my record. She also told me that they had had some big jobs in and that’s why mine hadn’t been touched yet…………..

    I left, furious……..

    My trade is going elsewhere methinks——–next time i wont bother purchasing the three year service contract either – i’ll go to my local garage!

    The lowest point of any customer service – blame someone else!

  11. Only interested in sales, not after-sales.
    Numerous problems tring to contact sales reps, no taking of calls ‘with customers’ and no responce to messages.
    I agreed a sale of a Vauxhall Zafira. They were very helpfull pre-sale. When it came to picking up the car and arranging the finer details, they didn’t want to know.
    My best friend is wanting to spend £25000+ on a new car and I have told him to stay clear of evans halshaw gateshead. One less sale for them. I may even pull out of my sale. Sick of sales reps taking for granted your custom!!!

  12. I bought a signum elite 155 2.2i from evans halshaw in shiremoor/new york pickd it up last friday and it went back to the dealer this sunday gone. no alternator belt fitted? didnt hear one snap and not on my drive….which is where the battery light came on, phoned garage and was told to phone the AA, get it dropped off and it would be sorted out today (monday 3/3/08). I managed to get it to the garage myself with warning lights about abs and traction control flashing all the way with no speedo dials or dash lighting. was amazed to find when i got to the garage the so called “USED CARS SALES MANAGER” didnt want to know even after i asked him to come and look at the car 3 times and was told he wasnt a mechanic and just lock it up and it would definatly be sorted out on monday. the only problem with that was that the key didnt fit the door lock to secure the vehicle, was advised that he would make sure the car was put inside the garage over night for safety…….HA HA> went past at 5pm car in same place door open?????? went back this morning early on way to work…car in same condition to top all this the spare key that was given with the car didnt fit the door or ignition locks??????? how inept can one garage or sales manager be………..the saga continues. watch this space or the chronicle if it isnt sorted out tomorrow.

  13. Evans Halshaw Edinburgh



    I bought my Toyota Celica from them.

    Nothing wrong with the car, but it was deleivered to me late, not valeted, none of the work done on it, not serviced.

    Did not adress my concerns THEY ARE CRAP, and SHARP DEALERS


    keep away!

  14. Can anyone give me an e mail or postal address for Evans Halshaw customer service. Add the Northwich branch to the list, absolute shocking service.

  15. I am also having major problems with Evans Halshaw, Peugeot Leeds, I drove my car to them last week with a fuel pressure problem, yesterday my car was taken away from them on a tow truck. They have replaced loads of parts which are nothing to do with the fuel system, then on Monday I got a phone call to say I had damaged my fuel system and engine by running my diesel car on unleaded fuel and that the repairs were going to cost me £1,800.
    When asked why this diagnosis did not come before Monday when they had my car almost a week, they said that the car had diesel running through the engine until Monday and now it’s got unleaded in it. I am no idiot and know that if I had of put unleaded in my car it would have mixed immediatley and would have not been able to drive my car over 200 miles since it was last filled up, plus I have my reciepts from the filling station which all show that I have put diesel in, I have even checked where I have filled up to see if they have had any cross contamination, which they have not. The garage tried to charge me £800 yesterday for the parts they had fitted, which I refused to do and then suddenly reduced this to £117.50, seems strange if they had done nothing wrong, I had no choice but to pay this to get my car back, as I did not want it with them any longer.
    Now to top it all off, my electrics also seem to be knackard!
    I now have a car which is undrivable and I have no idea what is wrong with it. I am pretty sure there is unleaded in it now but I certainly did not put it in, it must of got there by magic!!!!
    Has anyone got any advice on what I can do, I have tried citizens advice but can not get through. I have complained to Peugeot who have referred it back to the dealer principle but I am not holding my breath for a call.

  16. I bought a used Toyota Celica from Evans Halshaw Citroen, Hartlepool, last week. definately not the cheapest one around, but I naively thought Evans Halshaw would be a good company to deal with, do I feel like an idiot now ???
    There are 3 brakepipes on the car that are quite simply a lump of rust, strange thing is, the dealership themselves MOT’d the car only 2 weeks ago, I have had the car inspected by two independent MOT testers, each said the brake pipes were not only a blatent MOT fail, but also dangerous. Took the car back to Evans Halshaw, Hartlepool, who could not be less interested, I have approached VOSA, who will carry out their own MOT and hopefully punish Evans Halshaw appropriately.
    I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a car from Evand Halshaw again.

  17. I bought a car from evans halshaw in burton upon trent on june 21st 2008, spending nearly £9k on a honda with full service history which came with no service book. After numerous phone calls over 4months i am still waiting. I feel they have treated me very unfairly and i think the after sales service is a disgrace. They clearly have no communication between them as i have spoken to 3 different salesmen about it. They just keep telling me they will get back to me………….joke of a sales team

  18. I used to work for Reg Vardy before the Pendragon takeover. Pedragon are only after one thing YOUR MONEY. Dealerships revolve around sales and nothing else matters, not even you the customer.

  19. evans halshaw are like rogue traders.
    tell you blatent lies to get your money – they dont care whether the car you spend all your money on isnt fit for purpose.
    I bought a used car 04 reg from them a few months ago & ever since the 3 month warranty they give to you ran out i have had nothing but problems. I took it to a different garage to have the car checked over & they said the engine even looked like a 10 year old car not a 3-4year old! My windscreen wipers had popped out from underneath the bonnett & the plastic that keeps them in has fully worn away. This happened the day after my 3month warranty ran out & when i took the car into them it was when we were having the worst rainy weather ever in england & i couldnt see a thing to get home, all they advised was that i should have taken extended warranty which i didnt have the money for, or they could replace the worn parts for £185!! It obviously hadnt worn away in the 3 month i had the car, it was clearly obvious to them when i bought it but they knew being a girl buying a car on my own they wouldnt have to tell me anything like that. Now 5 months on the interior light keeps coming on by itself & running out my battery, so i then got the code message on my radio which they havent provided so i cant use it, but they kindly agreeg to resolve it for £30!!! They really do take the biscuit. I would not recommend them to anyone to be honest. Definitely do not purchase a car from them!!!

  20. Worse than appalling customer service. My advise to anyone thinking of either buying a car or taking a car to the service department – don’t, please don’t. This company cause too much stress and upset to deserve any custom. Someone’s hard earned, and honest money should not be given here.

  21. i bought a £9,000 bmw 320d m sport from evans halshaw in gateshead 6 months ago it went in last monday for a vibration while they had it they crashed my car.there attitude towards me has been shocking they are part of bmw now yet wont let me have my car repaired at bmw they want to repair it themselfs.i had to fight to get a loaner car from them they give me a tiny nissan pixo which has no boot. i need to carry tools for work and they is no room.i have daily phone calls with matt potts and i get no where with him.there attitude is we will fix it and we give you a car so whats the problem.i dont evan want my car back it will have bodge in it so how much money will i loose when trying to sell it? i want a like for like replacement but they wont do it.they should be bending over backwards for me after smashing my pride and joy but all i get is a dont care attitude. the sresss and upset they have caused is just wrong.

  22. We paid £100 deposit on 17/01/10 for new corsa,but our funds were not ready in time, phoned next day to request it back….its now the 27/02/10 and have been LIED to 4 times by David Smith and senior manager who promised us it would be sent out. At the end off my teather. Will not be going back to sighthill in edinburgh ever again.. Be warned, never pay a deposit.

  23. I bought my 07 Ford Focus from Evans new from Ford – Cumbernauld Road in Glasgow.
    The sales guy and manager were the most helpful and honest guys I’d EVER bought a car from.
    I got the deal of a lifetime and certainly couldn’t complain.
    As I bought the car new – I added some specifications that were not on the standard Zetec climate model and for that I had to wait about 4 weeks as the car came from Germany.
    In the meantime – because my previous car was written of by a mad woman driver(I’m not one of them!!!) they gave me one of their lease cars to drive until mine arrived.
    I’ve had it serviced by them the last 2yrs at a very reasonable £120 and will be taking it back this year for it’s 3rd service and 1st MOT.
    I’ve had invites to new lanches, they’ve ran “woman’s nights” where the mechanics tutor women on “what’s under the bonnet” and how to deal with emergencies…they staff are professional and friendly and can’t be faulted.

    Like one of the guys previously reported – finding a good garage with decent staff is a rare thing – but I don’t believe it’s an Evans Halshaw thing…probably just rude, unprofessional people who are in the wrong job if customer satisfaction ain’t their thing!

  24. Evans Halshaw, Alma Place, Durham: Don’t buy a car from here. They tell you a pack of lies. They ripped me off for £200 & tried to fleece me of a further £450.

  25. Does anyone have details for the complaints department for Evans Halshaw?
    My partner and I bought a Volvo V40 from the York car supermarket dealership. They couldn’t have been more helpful when we were buying it. Less than 4 weeks later, the car started revving on it’s own and pulling forward when we were driving. My partner took it in to the dealership on the Friday asked them to look at it. We were then told that they couldn’t fix it on the day, and nobody would be in till the Monday to fix it. We were going on holiday on the Sunday so asked for a courtesy car as we needed it to get to London for our flight. No you can’t have one, we don’t have any and even if we did we couldn’t insure you on it now. So we asked if they’d pay for our train fare as they’d sold us a dodgy car that clearly hadn’t been serviced as it should have been. They said no. We went on holiday and didn’t hear from them for the whole week that we were away. We came back and we were told that they’d fixed it except they hadn’t. It still revs although doesn’t pull as much as it did.
    Shocking customer service, can’t even bring ourselves to go back there to try and get it fixed again. We are going to take it to a Volvo garage. What makes it worse is that I am 5 months pregnant and they still thought it was ok to give us back a faulty and dengerous car.
    I will be making a huge fuss about this!!

  26. I bought a Nissan from them a few months ago – the initial sale was fine and I went and collected my car on the allocated date. 30 mins after leaving the sale showroom the engine management light came on. I immediately took it back to be told their garage had closed and to bring it back on Monday. As I was very clear that the car was for work and I had only had in an hour, I asked for a courtesty car and was told they would give me one – 5 weeks later I was still waiting for my car to go in for repairs. The salesman kept promising me a courtesy car – I cant get to work without a car as no public transport to that area plus I work 25 miles from home so really needed one. I was promised he would call, he “forgot”. I eventually took time off and took the car to them – they called 4 hours later, its fixed come pick it up. I went down started the engine and yes, the engine management light came on straight away. I had to leave it with them, was without a car for a week while they fixed the timing chain – apparantly theie mechanic stripped the car then went on holiday for 3 days and they didnt have another mechanic to put on the job – so my mother had to drive 100 miles a day to take me to work, I had to cancel overtime, had to pay someone else to look after my horse – all in all I was £500 out of pocket – i complained repeatedly to their manager and asked for compensation – he is now completely ignoring me and letters to their head office have been ignored. Im not suing them through my solicitor for compensation. Dont buy a car from Evans Halshaw, they are only interested in your money, their after sales sucks and they ignore you. Absolutel cowboy outfit!!

    1. I am having the same problem with my swift. Iv had it a month and my catalytic converter has gone going to cost £1500 to replace. Iv spoken to at least 10 people and nobody is sorting out my problem. My cars been in twice in one week. I’m a young girl and it seems there just giving me the run round. Please someone help me.

  27. Copy of the letter I have just sent to Evans Halshaw.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing with reference to a Volvo V40, , which we bought from Evans Halshaw Motorhouse, Clifton Moor, York on 24 February 2010.

    On the 25 March 2010, while driving, the car started to pull forward and the engine management light came on. When at a standstill the car was also revving, despite no pressure being put on the accelerator. We managed to get it home and the following morning, 26 March, my partner took it back to the dealership explaining the situation. The service we received from the staff and manager at the dealership from this point on was disgusting.

    They weren’t really too bothered about the situation, and said that they would look into it. It was explained that we needed the car for the weekend as we were driving down to London to get a flight to Spain on Sunday 28 March and if it wasn’t ready, would it be possible to have a courtesy car as really, us having to take the car back in after owning it for 4 weeks was ridiculous and it was leaving us in the lurch. We were told that there were no courtesy cars and they couldn’t use one from any of the other Evans Halshaw dealers in the area. So we asked again that they try to get it fixed, as we really needed a car due to me being pregnant and unable to carry heavy suitcases. Using public transport was going to be extremely inconvenient and cause my partner to have to carry both our suitcases.

    We called again on the Saturday (27 March 2010) to find out the progress of the repairs to be told that the service department would not be back in until the Monday morning and there was nothing they could do about this. We then decided to go up to the dealership in the hope that they might now have a courtesy car available. We were now told that as it was a Saturday they wouldn’t be able to insure us on a car and then backtracked to say there were also none available. We asked if they would compensate us for our train tickets that we were now going to have to purchase to get us to London and back but we were told that wasn’t company policy. I have now done some research and contacted Consumer Direct and also spoken to a Dispute Resolution lawyer and I have been informed that although you do not have to provide a courtesy car, however, I can claim for “consequential loss” for out of pocket expenses that had to be made whilst the car was being repaired. I have attached documentation of the train ticket costs and also the money we lost on the car park booking that we had at the airport.

    From the 29 March 2010 – 6 April 2010 we were on holiday, but despite reassurance to the contrary we did not receive any calls from Evans Halshaw to inform us of the progress of the car. Hardly representative of the proud heritage selling quality new and used vehicles and great service that you speak of on your website.

    My partner went back to the dealership on 6 April 2010 to be told that they had fixed the problem but it might take a little while to go back to normal. The revving was still happening at this point and the car still pulled forward, almost bunny hopping, when driving. It was not as bad as before, but still a problem. We trusted what the mechanic had said though and thought that this would disappear as he had stated.

    On 27 April 2010, the car actually broke down while my partner was driving home. He had to call a tow truck which took him and the car to a garage. On April 28, the garage informed him that the entire throttle body needed replaced and this was the cause of the problem that the car had been having. This repair cost us £582.51 and was the only thing that could be done to make the car roadworthy, in fact, the car would not move unless this was done.

    I am now writing to you as I feel the goods and the service that we have received from Evans Halshaw is appalling. I have spoken with Consumer Direct and my solicitor as we do not feel that you have fulfilled your contractual obligations as governed by the Sale of Goods Act 1979 which states that all goods supplied in the course of business must be of a satisfactory quality, fit for their intended purpose and as described. I am aware that under this law, we only had a short time to reject goods and after this time period we are limited to claiming a repair, or possibly a replacement or partial refund. We agreed to a repair for free, by the dealership. The fact they offered the repair for free is an admission of liability. The fact that the repair failed does not change matters. They attempted to resolve the problem but without success. Any repair that is carried out must prove to be long-lasting and effective and in this case it was not. While I realise that the car is slightly older, Evans Halshaw are legally obliged to sell cars that are roadworthy and they have not done this.

    I feel that we are not only entitled to expenses for the costs that were incurred when the car was off road but also for the extra cost of having the throttle body replaced.

    I wish to receive a response from you within 14 days or I will take this matter further with my solicitor.

  28. Evans Halshaw Group Office

    Loxley House

    2 Oakwood Court

    Little Oak Drive



    NG15 ODR

    1. I have just looked at your site and am not sure why you have created it?
      At risk of sounding all “peace and love” about it – surely the amount of time and effort you are spending onthis issue is affecting your life.
      I understand a few hundred quid is a lot to most people – but surely setting up “hate” sites is going a bit far?
      Personally I wouldnt let myself become this consumed and bitter over a motor car – as long as you have health and happiness surely this is more important.
      If you have been “hard done to” just move on – its not worth it.
      Nobody’s perfect – but I find being positive and asking for such Dealerships to help me seems to work more often that not – even if it means suggesting a coompromise.
      I hope you get your issues resolved.

    2. My car went in for injector problems 6months ago then again next week after being told they fixed it the forst time out of thin airbtheybsaid it had fuel contamination even tho i drive it 18 miles to them with no problems and it would cost 180 as they would paybhalf i asked for written document stating this the service manager said it was a gentleman s agreement i cancelled the worknthe next day and tried to take it home unfortunately my car would now not run even tho i drive it in .i hadnjust handed the courtesy car back to get my car keys and i was told thatbthybdidnt have a courtesy car for me me and my pregnant wife had to walk so inrang a friend to drive a 40 mile round trip for us thank god for good mates the service manager was very aloof and didnt want tonhelp at all only a mechanic tried to help us a good guy and the manager said he shiuldnt of helped us now thinking of legal action because there is still other problems

  29. It seems to me that Evans Halshaw are getting a pretty one sided unfair representation here.
    I have bought many cars from them over the years and have always been treated like royalty
    I have had issues with several of the cars – some were fixed FOC by them – some were at my cost.
    People need to be realistic. Used cars will develop faults – and if a car made up of some 20,000 individual parts has a couple that go wrong – then thats life!
    I most recently dealt with the sales staff and Managers at the Blaydon Dealership and they were excellent – you only have to look at the number of Thank You cards posted up in the Dealership to see that not everyone has issues with this company.
    I understand people getting frustrated when things go wrong – but stick to the facts – try not to use immotive language – dont dramatise things – be reasonable – and I’m sure you will find the Dealerships will be the same with you.
    Ive seen people moaning on these forums that they “could have been killed” over bulbs that have blown!
    Evans Halshaw Blaydon Vauxhall is A really nice friendly place to do business. Keep it up!

  30. Ive put in 8 years service at pendragon. We see you as money, a target, we need to sell brake fluid changes on car services for £60(costs £5.92 from supplier) ,we need to sell aircon treatment to you for £30(costs £3.99 from supplier) Dont you people understand, We are a profit and target driven company, You are nothing but a quick buck for us. You think £120 for a cheap service is value for money?, it takes 15 minutes aT THE MOST TO DO A VALUE SERVICE, AND COSTS LESS THAN £30 IN MATERIALS. What suprises me is that in todays capatilist market of britian you somehow think a ompany owes you something?……

  31. having worked for evans halshaw for 4 years ive accepted and moaned about the way the company treat the staff change pay plans at a whim ive had enough the new improved pay plan means im almost £500 down for doing the same job it is true what the bloggs say once the money changes hands they are not interested from being the biggest to the sickest in two short or very long years if you work for them

  32. Well Evan Halshaw still cannot get it right , We bought a 58 plate Focus in july 2011 ,After 2 weeks the car had been back at them 3 times due to heavy vibration between 60-70 mph to fix this they balanced EACH of the alloys with 100grams worth of weights (which didnt fix the problem?) Plus the tracking was massively out ? the car wasnt serviced or Valeted .Just a quick note to fix the vibration i had to get 4xbrand new tyres = 400 POUNDS . I will not bore you with the rest of my issues about the poor service ,,,But please please do not buy from Evan Halshaw , am the twat who didnt do his Homework before buying 🙁

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