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Things we Learnt on Holiday 1

To a Brazilian waiter, green means ‘go’, and red is a challenge!

In Niagara Falls we were being shown around by our friend Melissa. I think like most people who live close to major tourist areas she tends to avoid the downtown area, but came in to take us out to dinner when we first arrived. A friend of hers had recommended a new restaurant that had opened on Fallsview Boulevard called Copacabana. Although at this point half of you are probably humming a certain Barry Manilow song, being a Brazilian Steak House it’s actually named after the area of Rio de Janerio.

The way things work in the restaurant is somewhat different from usual. When you arrive the waitress takes your drinks order, and then gives you an empty plate and a selection of cutlery – included with that is a pair of tongs – and finally a card which is about the size of a beer mat that is red on one side and green on the other.

There is a large and well stocked salad bar from which you are sent to fill up your plate, and then the waiters start to appear carrying skewers loaded with a wide variety of meats. If the card is green they will serve up whatever meat they are currently carrying – the tongs being to take the meat as it is sliced off the skewer. The theory is that if the card is red they won’t serve you, in practice if you’ve got a plate they’ll come and try to tempt you anyway!

The barbecuing doesn’t end at the main course either. The pudding (and it’s worth leaving a bit of space for this) is barbecued pineapple, and delicious.

The final nice thing about the restaurant is that if you stick to drinking water you will know exactly what it is going to cost as the price of the meal is a flat rate however much you’ve eaten.

I’m not sure if it’s part of a chain, but if you’re in Niagara Falls we can certainly recommend a trip to the Copa, Copacabana… (Sorry, back to Barry Manilow again – and it has to be said the restaurant plays up the association – the live band played the song a couple of times during the night. 🙂 )

Copacabana Restaurant originally uploaded by Tahbepet.

Standing Up to the British Weather

Summer Poolside Barbecue

In recent years, we’ve not had much opportunity to demonstrate our traditional British stoicism in the face of the British weather – not so this year. After major flooding yesterday, and with more rain predicted, today was planned to be the annual swimming party and barbecue for the junior choir. There was some speculation that maybe we’d cancel – as you can see from the picture we didn’t!

Here you can see the junior choir happily swimming whilst it pours with rain – and with the parents huddled under umbrellas!

If you look at some of the other pictures in the set you can see that despite the weather we had the barbecue too – in the garage…

Having said that it was still rather galling when after an afternoon of downpours, just as everybody was leaving the sun finally came out – well for a few minutes anyway.

New Pictures

I’ve had a bit of a binge on sorting out pictures tonight that I took last week at the Choir Swimming Party and Barbecue, and also the shots I took of the Church Fete today.

Both events went well, and on the first couple of outings for our new normal digital camera (as opposed to the phone camera) I’m pretty impressed with the results – take a look at some of the action shots of the junior choir jumping in the pool!

We came back from the fete with a great big gas barbecue (something Beth has been wanting for a while) which we got at about half price in the silent auction. Heaven knows where we are going to put it, we’ll have to get a shed or something!

I also happened to be around when one of the gazebo’s took off and flew towards the car park – it seems someone didn’t quite set it up properly and failed to attach the guy ropes to the base…